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Beautiful Love Poems

A Special Feeling

People sometimes show emotions through writing by describing how they feel. They write to let someone they love to identify with their feelings of love.

Don’t hold your feelings back because of your special feelings for someone dear to you need to know they matter, that you care.

Embrace the love flowing in your heart and into the corners of your soul, let that feeling radiate to your special someone with passion and with warmth.

Here at 1Love Poems, you’ll have everything you need to come up with the right words to express your love. Browse through our collection of love poems and let the feelings flow from your heart to your mind naturally.

A Special Feeling Written By Gabor Timis

I knew it was special from the very start,
It envelopes my body, my core, my heart.
A shining, uplifting, persistent feeling,
It embraces and warms my entire being.
This special feeling lights my soul on fire,
It burns with amazing delight, warm desire.
How lucky I am to have this in my life,
A most cherished feeling, wonderfully nice.
Let me name this feeling, it is all about you,
It is my undying, everlasting love for you.
I love you, my dearest sweetheart,
Nothing in the world can keep us apart.

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