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Beautiful Love Poems

A Moment To Remember

Remembering moments is one of the most important keys to appreciating life and the people you share with.

Do you remember the first time you felt your heart skipped a beat and admitted your love for someone? And the feeling of happiness by letting that person know how you feel seems like it was just yesterday?

Relive those memories by writing them a love poem. Write the words of love and let them remember how you started, those moments worth keeping.

Browse through 1Love Poem’s collection for love poem ideas and inspiration, and create a poem written especially for that special person in your life.

A Moment To Remember Written By Trista Moss

A place we go
to let us know
that our love is always true
and that we will never be blue.
A memory on the edge of time
A place where we are so sublime,
A distant dream on a midnights eve
somewhere far from acknowledged leaves.
A time in which we fell deeper in love
just like to turtle doves.
We sang our songs and gave our token
to remember one single moment.

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