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Beautiful Love Poems

A Heart Of Stone

Is that the love that can last a lifetime, a love that will see you through and through? A love that is so true.

Is love enough to keep these words alive? To keep you and your special someone together until you see the morning light?

When the day comes that you meet the love of your life — never let her go, hold her hand, and make her feel that your love is like starting a brand new day.

Here at 1Love Poems, we have every word you are looking for to come up with a perfect piece to melt your heart of stone.

Author: Beckie M.

Once I had a heart of stone
For it had surely lost its home.
It could not love or wanted to,
But in my life then came you.
The stones began to fall away
As happiness began to fill my day.
A feeling so sweet and special too
Could this be love, I pray is true.
My heart now sings a song of love
For I know that it was sent from above.
My heart is warm, there is no cold
Hard no more, but with wings of gold.
It soars above the sky so high
Sometimes I think of why and cry.
My heart now sings a loving song
For the part of me I thought was gone.
The gift that you have given me
Is so important, can’t you see
No more sadness or being alone
For now my heart returns to home.

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