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Beautiful Love Poems

A Breathtaking Fantasy

This poem is like a warm summer day, giving life to the beauty of the sun and how wonderful it would be to spend it with someone you love.

A trip to the beach, while the warm sand comforts your soul and a lovely tropical drink to keep your heart refreshed.

A happy summertime is something worth keeping memories of — holding your special someone’s hand and looking into her lovely eyes with a smile to make your heart beat faster.

Write about a beautiful summer love by getting inspiration from our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

My dearest, here I am planning
a trip down the lane to the sea,
in August as the sun is shining
and you’re there to comfort me.
A breathtaking fantasy.
Over the fields we will ramble
picking fruit from God’s bramble
soft fruit for jelly & blackberry pie,
oh happy day ~ sing I, sing I,
as my eyes point up to the sky.
We should be well nourished
with His gift of the purest,
edible berries, and vitamin “C”
giving us strength and vitality,
ever to be in love you see.
My dearest, here I am planning
a breathtaking trip to the sea,
down lover’s lane so beguiling,
berries will grow wild and free.
A breathtaking fantasy.

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