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Loss and Grief

Hurting Me Poems: Heartbreaking Words of Pain and Sorrow

Silent Pain: Poems on the Hurt and Suffering of Love

Welcome to our page dedicated to “You Hurting Me Poems”! Here, we’ve got a range of poems to help you navigate the messy feelings that come with a relationship gone sour. Whether you need to vent, find solace in the written word, or just want to commiserate with others who’ve been there, our collection has got you covered. So grab a tissue (or a bottle of wine) and settle in for some moderately witty, heart-wrenching, and relatable poetry.

Short Poems

1. “Painful Longing”
Every moment without you
Feels like a thousand cuts
Each one hurting so deep
Leaving scars in my heart

2. “Toxic Love”
Your love is like a poison
Slowly killing me inside
Pushing me to the edge
Of a dark and empty abyss

3. “Broken Pieces”
I gave you my heart
But you shattered it to pieces
Left me to pick them up
With bleeding hands and tears

4. “Words Unspoken”
The silence between us
Is deafening and cold
All the things I wanted to say
Now dying inside my soul

Medium Poems

The Pain You Cause

You hurt me with your words,
Stinging like a thousand swords.
Each cut deeper than the last,
Leaving scars that will forever last.

Your actions leave me in agony,
Wondering why you can’t see
The pain you cause with every move,
Leaving me in a constant groove.

I try to move on and forget,
But the memories linger like a regret.
The hurt and anger still remain,
A constant reminder of your disdain.

I wish you could understand,
The pain you cause with your hand.
But until then, I’ll keep on fighting,
And hope one day the pain will stop smiting.

The Hurt Inside

There’s a hurt inside of me,
That no one else can see.
It’s a pain that’s hard to explain,
A feeling that always remains.

It’s a hurt you can’t just shake,
A feeling that’s always at stake.
It’s a burden that’s hard to bear,
A weight that’s always there.

I try to make it go away,
But it’s a hurt that’s here to stay.
It’s a wound that’s hard to heal,
A pain that I just can’t conceal.

I wish there was a way out,
But there’s no way to mute the shout.
The hurt inside just continues to grow,
A constant reminder of what I already know.

I must learn to live with the pain,
And hope it doesn’t drive me insane.
For even with the hurt inside,
I’ll find a way to still abide.

Long Poems


I feel broken, shattered into a million pieces
Each shard slicing through my skin and my mind
Your words, your actions, they all hurt me
But why do I keep coming back for more?

I thought love was supposed to be kind and gentle
But you treat me like a disposable toy
Your touch burns me, leaving scars that won’t heal
And yet, my heart still clings to hope

I try to leave, to break free from your grasp
But you always find a way to lure me back
With whispered apologies and empty promises
You make me believe that things will change

But they never do, and the cycle continues
This toxic dance we do, always resulting in pain
I wish I could say enough is enough
But there’s a part of me that still loves you

I hate myself for it, for being so weak
For allowing you to hurt me time and time again
But maybe it’s not weakness, maybe it’s strength
To keep trying to make things work, despite the hurt

Or maybe I’m just a fool, holding onto something
That was never meant to be mine to keep
But either way, I know I need to let go
Of this broken love that only hurts us both.

These Wounds You’ve Left

You’re hurting me, with every word you say
Cutting deep into my heart, day by day
Leaving scars that will never truly fade
And a soul that’s forever afraid

I’m not sure what it is you see
When you look at me so cruelly
But the pain you’ve caused is undeniable
And the love we once shared is now unreliable

I used to think we were unbreakable
That nothing could ever come between us
But now the bond that we had is shattered
And the damage is irreparable

I don’t know how to mend these wounds
That you’ve inflicted upon me
But with every passing moment
I’m slowly losing faith in humanity

I can’t fathom the thought of losing you
But I can’t go on living like this
You’ve left me with nothing but heartache
And my soul is now simply remiss

So I’ll pick up the pieces you’ve left behind
And try to rebuild my life once more
And with every ounce of strength I have left
I’ll try to heal these wounds you’ve left in store

And though it may take me quite some time
To finally find peace within my mind
I’ll get there one day, I’m sure
And leave your cruel words far behind

For even though you’ve hurt me more than most
I’ll still rise above the pain and strife
And find my way back to happiness
For this is what I believe in, in life.

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