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Loss and Grief

Suicidle Poems

Descent into Darkness: Poems of Suicidal Pain and Reflection

Welcome to our page dedicated to a range of poems about suicide. Now, we know the topic is serious, but sometimes a bit of lighter perspective can help. So, we’ve collected poems that range from somber to slightly witty, all aiming to express the inner turmoil that can lead someone to contemplate suicide. Grab a tissue or a chuckle, depending on the poem, and dive in.

Short Poems

1. Lonely End
Silent screams fill the void,
No one to hear, no one to avoid,
Life’s weight too much to bear,
Death seems the only fair way out of this despair.

2. Dark Thoughts
A battle rages deep within,
A war between hope and sin,
The heart sinks into a bottomless pit,
Thoughts of death just won’t quit.

3. The Final Goodbye
The pain inside just won’t subside,
No more strength to hold on and fight,
The time has come to say goodbye,
To take the final step, to die.

4. Lost in the Abyss
Lost in the endless darkness of the mind,
No way out, no hope to find,
The urge to end it all grows stronger,
As the soul slides down into the void, no longer.

Medium Poems

A Drowning Soul

I walk the lonely path of life
With a burden deep within my heart
A darkness that engulfs my soul
And tears my world apart

The pain is too much to bear
And the light too far away
I search for a way out of this
But seem to lose my way

The water seems so inviting
A cool and peaceful embrace
I step closer and closer
Till I drown in its peaceful grace

The Weight of Despair

The weight of despair on my shoulders
Is too much to bear every day
I try to shake it off and move forward
But it never seems to go away

The darkness consumes my thoughts
And my heart feels like it’s breaking
I reach out for a helping hand
But I’m met with silence and aching

The world is cruel and unforgiving
And sometimes it feels like the end
But I know deep down in my soul
There’s a light that can help me mend.

Long Poems

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