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Loss and Grief

Powerful Suicide Quotes and Poems: Finding Hope in the Midst of Darkness

Breaking the Stigma: A Collection of Suicide Quotes and Poems

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we believe that every emotion deserves its own set of poems. Today, we have a range of poems on a topic that isn’t exactly light-hearted – Suicide. But fret not, as always, our poets have brought their unique take on the subject, ranging from contemplative to comical. Whether you’re looking for words to soothe your soul or to make you chuckle, this page has something for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of suicide quotes and poems!

Short Poems

1. Name: “Eternal Sleep”
Silent whispers call my name,
In the darkness of the night.
A voice that soothes my pain and shame,
Guiding me towards eternal light.

2. Name: “Broken Reflections”
In the mirror of my mind,
A shattered image stares back at me.
A life that seems so unkind,
With no escape or possibility to flee.

3. Name: “Fading Away”
My essence dwindles bit by bit,
As life loses its precious hue.
The darkness closes in so swift,
Until nothing is left of me to view.

4. Name: “Last Goodbye”
Farewell, my love, I’ll see you soon,
In the realm of silent dreams.
No more pain, no more gloom,
Or so it seems.

Medium Poems

The Depths of Despair

In the depths of despair,
I find myself lost
Pondering the fragility of life
And the pain it can cost

The weight on my shoulders
Feels too much to bear
But I keep on going
Through the crippling despair

As I climb the mountain
Of my own tortured thoughts
The darkness begins to lift
And my hope is sought

I see the light shining
In the distance so far
And I realize I am stronger
Than every scar

So I take a deep breath
And take that first step
Out of the darkness
And into the light that’s left

The Note

Dear world,

I’m sorry if I fail
To meet your expectations
I’m trying to be strong
Despite my reservations

I feel like I’m falling
Into a never-ending abyss
I can’t seem to find a way out
Of this cycle of unhappiness

I know that I am loved
But sometimes it’s not enough
The weight on my shoulders
Is just too tough

So I write this note
As a final goodbye
I hope you’ll find peace
And not just cry

Please don’t blame yourself
It’s not your fault at all
I just couldn’t keep going
I’m sorry for this final fall.

Long Poems

The Weight of Life

Life can be a heavy burden,
A weight that’s hard to bear,
The pressure can be suffocating,
A feeling hard to share.

The world can seem so dark,
Like everything’s closing in,
And thoughts of leaving it all,
Can start to slip on in.

But know you’re not alone,
There are others who do care,
And though it may feel hopeless,
Remember life is still there.

You’re stronger than you know,
And loved more than you think,
You have the power to get through,
Even when on the brink.

So when the weight gets overwhelming,
And you’re not sure you can cope,
Reach out to someone who’ll listen,
And give you the support and hope.

Remember life is a precious gift,
That’s worth fighting for each day,
And though it may be challenging,
There’s always a better way.

The Dark Abyss

In the darkness of my mind,
There’s a voice that calls to me,
A whisper that’s hard to define,
But it’s as clear as it can be.

It tells me things I don’t want to hear,
It says I’m worthless and alone,
It feeds on every doubt and fear,
And it won’t leave me alone.

The sadness that I feel inside,
It’s like a weight that’s crushing me,
And despite how hard I’ve tried,
It’s a battle I just can’t flee.

I’m drowning in a sea of thoughts,
And I can’t see the light,
Every day feels like I’m caught,
In a never-ending fight.

I’ve lost my way, I’ve lost my will,
To keep on living life,
The pain I feel is just too real,
It cuts me like a knife.

So I reach for the darkness,
I let it pull me in,
And as I fall into the abyss,
I know I’ve let death win.

But in the wake of this suicide,
I leave behind the pain,
And I hope that those I’ve left behind,
Can learn to live again.

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