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Loss and Grief

Reflected Pain: Suicide Notes Poems

Whispers of Despair: Heart-Wrenching Suicide Notes Poems

Welcome to our collection of suicide notes poems on 1LovePoems! We understand that the topic of suicide can be heavy, but we’re here to bring a touch of wit to it. Our selection of poems covers a range of emotions and perspectives, from the heart-wrenching to the darkly humorous. Explore our page and find solace, comfort, or even a chuckle in these poems. Remember, you are not alone.

Short Poems

1. “Last Words”
I write these words with heavy heart,
A final message from my soul.
Please understand my pain and hurt,
As I let go and lose control.

2. “Fade Away”
My mind is numb, my heart is sore,
I watch the world around me fade.
I long for peace, and nothing more,
As all my hopes begin to shade.

3. “Goodbye”
I bid farewell to all I love,
And all the memories we shared.
I hope you find what I couldn’t,
And find joy in life’s journey there.

4. “Empty Thoughts”
My thoughts are a storm inside my head,
And I can’t seem to find my way.
I hope my passing brings you peace instead,
As I leave this world and fade away.

Medium Poems


I am shattered into a thousand pieces,
and each shard reflects a different pain.
The weight I carry feels like bricks and creases,
and I’m drowning in the sea of my own disdain.

I tried to hold on, to keep my head up,
but these thoughts inside me won’t let up.
I’m sorry to say, but it’s time for me to go,
to end this pain and let my shattered pieces glow.

Unsaid Goodbyes

All the things I wanted to say,
now buried deep in my heart’s dismay.
For those who knew me, you’ll be okay,
but for those who didn’t know me, I’ve gone away.

I hope you remember me for who I was,
and not for the sadness that had consumed us.
I’m sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye,
but know in my heart, I’ll always try to fly.

Please don’t cry and please don’t mourn,
it was my own choice to go on.
I’m no longer in pain, my soul is finally free,
to find peace in a place where I can finally be me.

Long Poems

Last Goodbye

I write this note with shaking hands,
As I bid farewell to these mortal lands.
My mind’s been dark for far too long,
And I can’t continue living this wrong.

All the sadness and all the pain,
Have driven me insane.
I’ve sought help, and tried to cope,
But it feels like there’s no hope.

My loved ones, please don’t blame yourselves,
For my fragile mind and mental health.
You did the best that you could,
And I’m grateful for all the good.

To my friends, I’ll miss your laughter,
Your company, your love, your chatter.
I hope one day you’ll understand,
Why I had to go as planned.

To the world, I’m sorry for my flaws,
For my failures, my insecurities, my cause.
But know that I had to end my strife,
To finally find eternal life.

So as I take my final breath,
I end my life and face my death.
This is my last goodbye,
Please don’t cry or ask me why.

I’ll always hold you in my heart,
Even though we’re worlds apart.
I hope that you all find your way,
And live your lives without delay.

Goodbye to this world, goodbye to this pain,
I’m finally free, I’m feeling sane.
I hope to meet you all again,
In a world where there’s no more pain.

The Echoes of Despair

I hear the echoes of despair
Whispering in my ears
As if the weight of the world
Is too much to bear

My mind is a battleground
And my heart is torn apart
As I try to make sense
Of the chaos in my heart

I wrote a suicide note
But tore it up before it was done
For the fear of leaving
Those I love, alone

The darkness engulfs me
As I try to find the light
But it seems like I’m always
Fighting an endless night

I dream of the moments
That could have been
The memories we’d make
If I could just hold on and win

My soul is tired
Of fighting the demons within
But I know deep down
There’s still a chance to begin

So I hold on a little longer
And seek help from those I can trust
For the echoes of despair
Will someday fade to dust

Until then, I’ll keep fighting
And hold onto hope tight
For there’s light at the end of the tunnel
And a reason to win the fight.

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