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Loss and Grief

Suicidal Thoughts: Heart-Wrenching Poems about Depression and Despair

Desperate Verses: Poems of Suicidal Thoughts and Dark Emotions

Welcome to our collection of suicidal poems, where we explore the most complex and raw emotions that come with the idea of taking one’s own life. Don’t worry, we won’t weigh you down with despair and melancholy here. Instead, we’ve curated a range of poems that beautifully capture the intricacies of suicidal thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a dash of wit and humor. So, whether you’re seeking comfort, solidarity, or knowledge, our collection is sure to provide you with catharsis and a new perspective on life. Enjoy the ride!

Short Poems

1. “One Last Breath”
Falling further into darkness,
Feeling trapped, alone and useless,
The weight of life, too much to bear,
One last breath is all I dare.

2. “The End”
I’m tired of the pain and strife,
The endless suffering, the fight for life,
I can no longer bear the burden,
So I choose to end it, with one final curtain.

3. “Hopeless”
Lost in a world full of pain,
Feeling helpless, and insane,
The darkness has consumed my soul,
I have nowhere left to go.

4. “Fading Away”
Slowly fading, disappearing from view,
No longer in control, no longer true,
The void consumes, the emptiness fills,
Until finally, I’ve lost the will.

Medium Poems


Falling like an autumn leaf,
Drifting down with graceful ease.
A peaceful end to all my grief,
My mind is finally at ease.

I knew this was my only way,
To escape this endless pain.
No one could tell me it’s okay,
Or convince me to remain.

But as I’m falling through the air,
My heart begins to race.
The final moment, dark and bare,
I wonder if it’s too late.

The ground grows near, the end in sight,
But suddenly I’m filled with fright.
I want to live, I want to fight,
But it’s too late, I say goodnight.


Darkness creeps into my soul,
Making me feel less than whole.
A weight upon my weary heart,
Driving me to fall apart.

I can’t escape this endless night,
My mind consumed by shadowed blight.
The world around me fades from view,
And in this darkness, I’m consumed.

The voices in my head won’t cease,
Telling me to rest in peace.
The pain I feel is all too real,
And suicide seems almost ideal.

But in the midst of all this dark,
A spark of hope ignites my heart.
I know I can’t give in tonight,
I’ll fight this darkness with all my might.

Long Poems

Endlessly Falling

I’m endlessly falling,
Through the dark abyss,
I’m lost and alone,
With nothing to hold onto or miss.

My thoughts are all jumbled,
My heart is heavy with pain,
I can’t seem to escape,
From this never-ending rain.

The world seems so bleak,
There’s no light in the sky,
Every day is a struggle,
And I often wonder why.

Why am I here,
What’s the point of it all,
Is there really a purpose,
Or am I just waiting to fall?

I’ve cried rivers of tears,
And screamed in agony,
But no matter how hard I try,
I can’t seem to break free.

Drowning in my own despair,
I long for a way out,
To end my suffering,
And silence my constant doubt.

Suicidal thoughts haunt me,
Every night and every day,
Tempting me with their whispers,
Asking me to just slip away.

But deep inside, I know,
That I’m worth much more,
Than to end my life so soon,
And let death take its tour.

So,I’ll keep fighting,
Even though the struggle is real,
I’ll find my own light,
And let my soul heal.

I’ll keep on soaring,
With every breath I take,
I’ll rise above my darkness,
And never let my spirit break.

Although I’ll still stumble,
And fall from time to time,
I’ll get back up,
And continue to climb.

For I am not alone,
And there’s hope within reach,
I just have to hold on,
And refuse to let go or breach.

So, I’ll keep on living,
With my head held high,
And embrace all that’s to come,
With a smile and a sigh.

For I am endlessly falling,
And the ground’s nowhere in sight,
But I know I’ll make it somehow,
And come out with all my might.

Descent into Darkness

I feel like I’m falling into a dark abyss
A hopeless void that I cannot dismiss
The weight of the world is too much to bear
And the thoughts in my head are too hard to share

My heart aches with a pain so deep
It keeps me up at night and won’t let me sleep
Every breath feels like a struggle for air
I am drowning in my own despair

My mind is a battlefield, a constant war
I can’t take it anymore, can’t take it no more
The voices in my head all want me gone
To cease to exist, to no longer belong

Every day feels like an uphill climb
But I’m just stumbling, running out of time
I don’t see a way out, don’t see a light
I’m losing the will to continue this fight

My body trembles with fear and dread
I feel like I would be better off dead
But I still cling to a sliver of hope
That somehow, someday, I’ll be able to cope

Until then, I can’t help but feel
Like my own thoughts are my greatest ordeal
I wish I could silence this endless pain
But until then, this darkness will remain

So I sink deeper, into the abyss
A place where hope has ceased to exist
I’m sorry, but I can’t go on
I’m ready for the eternal dawn.

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