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Loss and Grief

Losing A Child: Heartbreaking Poems of Love and Loss

Empty Arms: Poems of Heartbreak and Healing After Losing a Child

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we understand that love can come in many different forms. One of the hardest forms of love is the kind that comes with the loss of a child. It’s a topic that can be difficult to digest, but we’re proud to offer a range of poems written by individuals who have experienced this kind of loss. While the topic is heavy, we hope to infuse a bit of humor into our collection of poems to remind you of the precious moments you shared with your child. Take a deep breath and dive into our collection. You might find that it provides a much-needed release.

Short Poems

1. “Empty Arms”
My heart aches with a pain so deep,
As I hold these empty arms and weep.
No sounds of laughter, no joyful cries,
My precious child now rests in the skies.

2. “Unanswered Questions”
Why did you leave? Where did you go?
These unanswered questions, I’ll never know.
Memories of you linger in my mind,
But the pain of losing you, is hard to bind.

3. “Forever Young”
You left this world too soon, my dear,
And now your presence is no longer here.
But I know you’ll always be forever young,
A cherished memory, never to be undone.

4. “A Mother’s Love”
The love I have for you, will never fade,
No distance or time can make it evade.
Though you’re no longer here with me,
In my heart, your spirit will always be.

Medium Poems

Empty Arms

I held you once, dear child of mine,
Soothed your cries, watched you shine.
Your giggles rang within these walls,
Echoes now, as silence falls.

Days pass by, and still I ache,
Lonely tears upon my face.
Empty arms, where you once lay,
Yearn for one more moment to stay.

Life may go on, but never the same,
Without you here, loved one’s name.
Memories cherished, but oh so brief,
A mother’s heart, forever in grief.

Angel Wings

You came to me, a gift from above,
With sweet, innocent eyes, and new found love.
I watched you grow, in leaps and bounds,
Happiness in every little sound.

But life has a way of taking us down,
And one day, you had to leave this town,
With tears in my eyes, and pain in my heart,
I watched you go, that day we part.

Now you’re an angel, with wings of white,
Flying high, in heavens light.
Though I may never hold you near,
I’ll always cherish you, my precious dear.

Long Poems

The Empty Space

I feel the emptiness inside,
where once your laughter used to reside
Your room, your toys, your clothes, your scent
are all here, yet you’re absent.

I close my eyes and picture you
running, laughing, just passing through
But when I open them, I see
your empty space, staring back at me.

How can a heart continue beating
when it constantly feels like it’s bleeding?
This grief, this pain, it’s always there
a weight that’s too heavy to bear.

I try to remember the good times
your smile, your hugs, your silly rhymes
But it hurts so much, every thought
of the son I had, but now I’ve not.

People say time heals all wounds
and I know they mean well, but it balloons
this pain, this void, that can’t be filled
no matter how much time has spilled.

I’ll carry you in my heart and mind
and hope that my love, you’ll always find
I’ll talk to you, pray for you, every day
until we meet again, in a distant way.

Empty Arms

Empty arms that long to hold,
A precious life that’s now foretold.
A child so cherished, so full of grace,
But now has gone without a trace.

Memories flood my broken heart,
Of laughter, love, and a fresh start.
A life so young, a future bright,
Taken too soon, lost without a fight.

The tears that fall upon my face,
Can never fill the empty space,
Of a child I held so close and tight,
Whose absence now consumes the night.

I try to find the words to say,
But nothing can take the pain away.
The empty crib, the silent toy,
Serve as reminders of my destroyed joy.

I wonder if you feel my pain,
As you soar above without a chain.
Or if you’re watching from afar,
While I ache for just one more scar.

I know that time will heal the hurt,
Though it may take years to desert.
Until that moment, I’ll embrace,
The memories of your loving face.

So, rest in peace, my darling child,
Your spirit free, your soul now wild.
You’ll forever be a part of me,
As I wait for the time when we’ll be set free.

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