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Loss and Grief

Letting Go: Embracing Change and Moving On

Release the Past: Poems About Letting Go

Welcome to our page of poems about letting go, where you can find a range of works that celebrate the power of release. Whether it’s saying goodbye to a past love, a pet, or even an old way of life, there’s something liberating about moving on. We’ve collected poems that explore this theme from all angles, some deeply moving, others with a touch of humor. So take a deep breath, embrace the unknown, and join us in celebrating the beauty of letting go.

Short Poems

1. “Fading Away”
Letting go is like the sun sinking into the horizon,
Slowly fading away into the unknown.
But just like the dawn breaks a new day,
Letting go can pave the way.

2. “Flying Free”
Like a bird soaring in the sky,
Letting go means letting your heart fly.
Breaking free from chains that bind,
Embracing the unknown with an open mind.

3. “Moving On”
Letting go is not an easy feat,
It’s like uprooting a familiar seat.
But sometimes it’s best to turn the page,
And start a new chapter in life’s stage.

4. “The Weightlessness of Release”
Letting go can feel like a heavy weight,
But once released, it can feel as light as a feather’s fate.
Surrendering to the universe’s flow,
Letting go can lead to a beautiful growth.

Medium Poems

Poem One: Beneath the Surface
The weight of memories drags me down,
I try to rise but always end up bound.
The past is a shadow that follows me,
An endless cycle that I can’t break free.

But if I dare to dive beneath the waves,
Where darkness reigns and the heart forgives,
I see the truth in the depths below,
A glimmer of light that begins to show.

For letting go is the hardest task,
To release the hold and lift the mask,
But in the end, the reward is sweet,
A newfound freedom, my heart’s retreat.

So I embrace the unknown ahead,
A journey towards a brighter thread,
And though the past may still haunt my mind,
I leave its chains and move ahead, unblind.

Poem Two: The Art of Letting Go
The art of letting go requires strife,
The courage to break free from life’s knife.
To say goodbye to all that’s known,
And venture into the open, unknown.

It’s not an easy lesson to learn,
To let go of people, memories, and thoughts that burn,
But in the end, the outcome’s clear,
A brighter path, a heart more sincere.

Letting go means accepting change,
To leave the old for a different range,
To embrace the present with open arms,
And let the past drift away like charms.

So let me close my eyes and breathe,
The air of letting go like a heave,
And though the journey’s rocky and steep,
I’ll trust the process, let go, and leap.

Long Poems


The weight upon my shoulders
Is too much to bear
I hold on tight to what I know
Afraid to let go

The past, it haunts me still
Its grip so tight, so real
I hold on to the memories
Unable to set them free

But I know I must move on
For my heart to heal
I must release the pain
And learn to feel again

So goodbye to what has been
To what no longer serves me
I let go with a heavy heart
And trust in what will be

The future lies before me
A path yet to be paved
I step into the unknown
So much to gain, so much to save

For with each release of what was
Comes the opportunity for what can be
An open heart, a new start
A life so full and free

So I let go of what no longer serves me
Of the pain, the fear, the doubt
For within the release of what was
Lies the beauty of what’s about.

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is an art – a delicate dance.
It’s learning to loosen your grip,
To release your hold from what you love
And let life take its trip.

We hold onto things so tightly
Afraid to lose what we cherish so dear.
Our fear of the unknown consumes us
And we remain frozen in fear.

But the more we cling, the tighter we hold,
The more our world becomes small.
We lose sight of what life could offer
When we refuse to let go and stand tall.

It’s okay to feel pain and sadness
When we decide to let things go.
We are humans, after all, with hearts that bleed
And emotions that ebb and flow.

But when we learn to accept what is
And find the courage to move on,
We open up new doors of opportunity
And realize we were never really gone.

Letting go is an art – a beautiful thing
That takes practice, patience, and grace.
It’s surrendering to life’s unpredictability
And embracing every single trace.

So let go of what no longer serves you
And trust that life will go on.
The art of letting go is the art of growing
And the journey has only just begun.

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