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Loss and Grief

Heartbreak Poems: Mourning Love’s Demise

Tears in Every Line: Heartbreak Poems to Help You Heal

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about heartbreak! We know that heartbreak can be tough, but sometimes the best way to heal is through poetry. That’s why we’ve compiled a range of poems on this topic, from bittersweet reflections to gut-wrenching goodbyes. So grab some tissues and get ready to feel all the feels. And who knows, maybe you’ll find some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in your heartbreak. Happy reading (or crying)!

Short Poems

1. “Shattered Heart”
My heart shattered into a million pieces,
As you walked away without any traces.
I picked up the fragments, tried to mend,
But the damage was already done and the pain wouldn’t end.

2. “Empty Promises”
Your words were like roses,
But they withered away too soon.
You made promises of a future,
But it was just a fleeting moment of pleasure.

3. “Broken Love”
You said we had forever,
But forever turned into never.
Our love was a beautiful tragedy,
Broken and shattered, a sad melody.

4. “Fading Memories”
Memories of us keep playing on a loop,
But they’re slowly fading away.
I try to hold on but it slips away,
Leaving me in my heartbreak to stay.

Medium Poems

Lost Love

Once my heart was full,
Overflowing with love and laughter.
But now it feels so dull,
As if it doesn’t matter.

The memories still linger,
Haunting me day and night.
My heart just wants to sing,
But now it’s lost its light.

I try to move on,
But the pain won’t go away.
I pray for some new dawn,
To bring a brighter day.

But until that time comes,
I’ll hold onto what we had.
My heart may be broken,
But the love still makes me glad.

Heart’s Betrayal

My heart once knew love,
But now it feels betrayed.
The pain is too much,
I feel so dismayed.

You promised me forever,
But you couldn’t keep your word.
I thought we had something special,
But now it seems absurd.

How could you hurt me so,
After all I gave to you?
My heart is bruised and battered,
Left with nothing new.

I’ll pick up the pieces,
And try to move on.
But the memory of what we had,
Will never be truly gone.

Long Poems


My heart is shattered,
Like glass that fell to the ground.
I thought our love would last forever,
But now it’s lost and never to be found.

The memories we made are tainted,
The laughter we shared is silenced.
I’m left here alone, defeated,
Wondering how our love could be so misguided.

I thought we were meant to be,
Fated to love each other until the end of time.
But now I see that was just a fantasy,
And our love was nothing but a fleeting rhyme.

The pain of heartbreak is consuming,
It eats away at my soul day by day.
I feel like I’m suffocating,
Gasping for air to take the pain away.

Maybe someday I’ll find love again,
And mend the pieces of my broken heart.
But for now, it’s just shattered fragments,
A work of art that fell apart.

When Love Became Pain

When love was new, it felt just right
Our hearts intertwined, days and nights
Every kiss, every touch, every smile
Felt like we could conquer any trial

But time went on, and things went wrong
We didn’t listen, we kept travelling along
Blissful memories faded, and fights grew strong
Our love story turned into a hurtful song

I tried to change, I tried to please
But nothing I did brought you to ease
You became distant, cold as ice
No longer did you hold me tight

The words you said, cut me deep
Like tiny pieces of shattered glass, they seep
Into my heart, I couldn’t breathe
My soul ached, I had to leave

Now I sit here with a broken heart
Picking up the pieces that fell apart
Trying to mend what is left of me
Hoping one day I will be free

Free from the pain, free from the past
Free from the love that didn’t last
Learning to heal and move on
Finding myself, where I belong

Though love was once my everything
It’s time to say goodbye and spread my wings
For I am stronger than the pain you bring
And I will rise, on my own, like a queen.

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