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Loss and Grief

Fatal Temptation: Overdose Poems

Beyond the Pain: Poems on Overdose and Addiction

Welcome to our collection of overdose poems on 1LovePoems! While the theme may seem heavy, we have gathered a range of poems that tackle the topic with both sensitivity and humor.

From heart-wrenching poems about lost loved ones to satirical pieces on the attitudes surrounding addiction, our overdose poems aim to explore the complexities of this issue. So whether you’re seeking solace or perspective, we hope our selection of poems will speak to you on some level.

Remember, addiction is a disease that affects millions of people in different ways, and we believe that these poems will help shed light on the emotional turmoil and struggles that go along with it. Read on and feel free to share with anyone who may need a reminder that they are not alone.

Short Poems

1. “The Night I Almost Died”
Taking too much, feeling numb,
Breathing heavy, my heart drummed,
I couldn’t fight, I couldn’t hide,
I thought this was the night I died.

2. “Fading Away”
I took one too many, now I’m fading away,
My vision blurs to shades of grey,
My thoughts become a murky haze,
This is the price I pay.

3. “The Monster Within”
I couldn’t resist the rush,
The release, the high, the hush,
But now I’m just a hollow shell,
Controlled by the monster within.

4. “Saved by Love”
I went too far, beyond my limits,
In the darkness, I lost my spirit,
But then I saw a ray of light,
My loved one brought me back to life.

Medium Poems

The Darkness Within

Every pill, every line
Keeps me on this endless climb
Higher, higher, I can’t stop
Falling fast with each drop

The euphoria, the blissful release
But with it comes the hollow peace
The emptiness, the void within
Growing stronger, deepening my sin

I thought it was my escape
But now it’s just the darkness I can’t shake
The world around me fades away
As I fade into my own decay

I wish I could turn back time
And rid myself of this deadly climb
But I’m lost within this overdose
Forever trapped in the darkness that grows and grows.

Losing to Addiction

It started with just one pill
To numb the pain that felt so real
But soon enough, one wasn’t enough
As I spiraled down this path so tough

I thought I had it under control
That I could stop at any goal
But addiction knows no bounds
And soon enough, it had me bound

I lost my friends, I lost my will
As I chased after that deadly thrill
The high was all that mattered now
As my life spiraled downwards, somehow

I wish I could break free
From this cycle that’s consuming me
But every attempt feels like a lie
As I keep losing to this addiction till I die.

Long Poems

The Opioid Blues

Inhale, exhale, nodding off
The rush of euphoria, never enough
A siren’s call, a devil’s snare
Invisible chains, too heavy to bear

The pill bottle beckons, with promises of peace
But addiction’s grip, it does not cease
A deadly dance, with no escape
The high and low, a vicious tapestry of fate

Darkness creeps, shadows loom
The body aches, the soul consumes
Desperate pleas, for one more hit
The final trip, the ultimate pit

The sirens wail, the world fades away
A silent scream, as life slips away
A body cold, a heart now still
The opioid blues, a tune too real

A mother weeps, a brother cries
A life cut short, a final goodbye
An empty hole, where a person stood
The legacy of addiction, forever understood

The pill bottle empties, the damage is done
The opioid blues, a song never sung
A cautionary tale, never to forget
The cost of addiction, forever set.

Beyond the Edge

I stood at the edge
Of my own existence
A place where life and death meet
A precipice where the universe collides
And everything is possible

I looked downward
To the abyss below
Feeling the pull of gravity
As if it wanted to swallow me whole
And take me to a place
Beyond my own comprehension

I took a step forward
Feeling the rush of adrenaline
Flowing through my veins
The temptation of the unknown
Beckoning me to take the plunge

In that moment
I didn’t care about the consequences
Of taking that final leap
Of falling beyond the edge

I closed my eyes
And let myself go
Feeling the wind rush past
As I was swallowed up by the void

At first, it was peaceful
A moment of serene emptiness
Until I felt the weight of my own mortality
Creeping up on me

And then came the fear
The realization that I had made a mistake
That I had left behind so much
So many memories, so many loved ones

But it was too late
I was on a one-way trip
To the other side
To wherever that may be

And as I fell
I realized that I had no control
Over my own destiny
That I was just another speck
In the vastness of the universe

But in that moment of clarity
I found peace
Knowing that I was not alone
That I was part of something greater

And then, everything went black
As I landed with a thud
On the ground below

But when I opened my eyes
I found myself in a hospital bed
With doctors and nurses
Surrounding me

I had survived
I had been given a second chance
To take a step back
From that edge of existence

And so, I vowed
To live life to its fullest
To never forget that moment
Of standing at the edge

To always be grateful
For the time I have
And to never take a single moment
For granted

For in that one moment
I had learned
That life is precious
And that every moment counts.

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