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Loss and Grief

Heartbreak Poems – Mend Your Soul with These Moving Verses

Heartbreak Haikus – Expressing the Pain of Love Lost in 17 Syllables or Less.

Welcome to our collection of hurting heart poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we understand that love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, it can leave us with a hurting heart. But fear not, we have a range of poems on this topic that will make you feel like you’re not alone. Whether you’ve been heartbroken or are feeling the pangs of unrequited love, we’ve got you covered. So grab a tissue and get ready for some heartfelt words that will make even the toughest of hearts ache.

Short Poems

1. Broken Vows

Promises shattered,
My heart left in tatters,
Trust misplaced,
Your love now erased.

2. Betrayal

Lies upon lies,
My heart slowly dies,
You chose to deceive,
And now I must leave.

3. Scarred

Your words cut deep,
My wounds I cannot keep,
I wear my pain like armor,
Protecting me from harm forever.

4. Redemption

Through tears and pain,
I’ll rise again,
A heart once shattered,
Now stronger and bolder.

Medium Poems

1. “Shattered Dreams”

My heart is heavy, my soul in pain
As I sit here and try to explain
What it feels like to be broken inside
To have all my dreams taken for a ride

The future once looked so bright
But now it’s filled with nothing but night
I trusted in love and believed in fate
But now it seems it’s all too late

What once was a heart filled with love
Is now a soul that can’t rise above
The pain and sadness that fills my days
As I struggle to find a new way

I know that time will heal my wounds
But for now, I’m left in ruins
Trying to pick up the shattered pieces
Of all my broken dreams and creases.

2. “Hollow Heart”

My heart feels like an empty space
Where once love and joy did grace
Now all that’s left is a numbness so deep
As if my heart has chosen to sleep

The pain it once felt has gone away
But in its place is an ache that stays
A void that can’t be filled or replaced
A barren wasteland that can’t be chased

I long to feel alive again
To feel the sunshine on my skin
But all I get is a hollowness so raw
As if my heart has left and gone to war

I pray that one day I’ll feel again
But until then, I’ll try to pretend
That my heart isn’t so hollow and bare
And that love will one day find me somewhere.

3. “Broken Promises”

You promised me love, you promised me forever
But now all that’s left is an ache I can’t measure
You promised me laughter, you promised me joy
But now all that’s left is a heart that’s been destroyed

The vows we made, the promises kept
Have now become a memory I’ve wept
The love that once was so pure and true
Has now become a lie that I can’t undo

You promised me forever, but forever’s come and gone
Leaving me to pick up the pieces all alone
The words we said, the love we shared
Have now become a burden I can’t bear

Broken promises and shattered dreams
Now all that’s left is an emptiness it seems
The love we had has slipped away
Leaving me to face each lonely day.

Long Poems

A Heart That Hurts

A heart that hurts is a heavy burden to bear
It drags you down and makes you feel despair
You try to hide it and put on a brave face
But the pain inside can’t be replaced

Memories flood in and tears fall like rain
You wish you could go back and start again
But time moves on and life goes by
Leaving you with the hurt and the why

The heart that hurts is a lonely place
It’s hard to find comfort and embrace
Friends say they understand but they can’t
They haven’t been through the same plight or grandeur

It’s easier to push people away than to let them in
To avoid the hurt and the pain again
But that only makes the ache grow stronger
And the heart that hurts can’t hold on much longer

Sometimes the hurt is caused by love
The kind that fits like a snug glove
But if that love is lost or broken
The pain can feel like a love unspoken

Other times it’s the result of loss
Of someone dear that you held close
The absence of their presence is palpable
And the hurt is almost unbearable

No matter the cause, the hurt is real
It’s a wound that time can’t heal
But instead of pushing people away
We should let them in, to help us through another day

A heart that hurts needs love and care
To know that someone’s there to share
The ups and downs, the joy and the sorrow
To help us face a new tomorrow

So, let’s open our hearts and let love in
Let the healing begin, let our journey begin
And though the pain may never completely cease
We can find peace, and the hurt can finally release.

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