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Loss and Grief

Dad in Jail Poems: Heartfelt Words for a Father Behind Bars

When Dad is Behind Bars: Heartfelt Poems of Love and Longing

Welcome to our page dedicated to Dad in Jail poems! Don’t let the subject matter fool you, the poems featured here range from heart-wrenching to hilarious. We understand that having a loved one in jail is an incredibly difficult experience, and we hope that our poetry can offer some solace during this time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the range of emotions these poems will take you through – and remember, laughter is the best medicine!

Short Poems

1. “Locked Away”
Dad’s behind bars,
My heart feels heavy,
I pray and I hope,
For his freedom and levy.

2. “Phone Calls”
The phone rings once,
My heart skips a beat,
It’s Dad on the line,
And my spirit feels complete.

3. “Visitations”
I wear my best smile,
And hold onto my hope,
Dad’s face through the glass,
And a reminder he’s still coping.

4. “Release Day”
The day has arrived,
Freedom now in sight,
Dad walks out the gates,
And we reunite.

Medium Poems

Missing Dad
My heart aches with longing,
For the one I hold dear.
My dad is in jail,
And I wish he was near.

Our time has been stolen,
Our memories cut short.
I pray every night,
For him to come to court.

I miss his warm hugs,
And his big belly laugh.
But most of all,
The comfort of his path.

Oh dad, please come home,
And make our family whole.
We love you forever,
With every ounce of our soul.

Dad’s Regret
I sit in this cell,
Thinking of what I’ve done.
The pain and the hurt,
Cannot be undone.

My children are suffering,
Because of my mistake.
I regret everything,
And the choices I make.

I wish I could turn back,
The hands of time each day.
And make right of my wrongs,
In every possible way.

My heart is heavy,
And my soul is worn.
I hope my children know,
That my love is never gone.

Visiting Dad
I wait in the lobby,
Heart pounding with anticipation.
It’s been months since I’ve seen,
My dad in this situation.

I see him walking in,
Chains and cuffs in tow.
I feel a sense of sadness,
As I watch him go.

We sit at the table,
And I try to hold back tears.
I long for his comfort,
But he’s not the same as in years.

We talk about small things,
And try to play pretend.
But the elephant is in the room,
And it’s hard to forget.

I kiss him goodbye,
And watch him walk away.
My hope is for change,
And a better tomorrow, in some way.

Long Poems

The Pain of a Father’s Absence

Locked away, behind cold steel bars,
Is the man who once held me in his arms.
The one who taught me right from wrong,
Now is serving time, away so long.

My dad, my rock, my guiding light,
Is now a prisoner, in plain sight.
His mistakes have cost him dearly,
His freedom gone, his future bleary.

I think of all the times we shared,
Of laughter, hugs, and love we bared.
But now my memories are stained,
By the fact that his freedom’s restrained.

I know he’s sorry for what he’s done,
That he wishes he could see the sun.
But still he’s locked up, day by day,
And I can’t help but feel dismay.

I miss his voice, his wisdom, and care,
The moments we had that were so rare.
I long to see him once again,
To hear him say, “I love you,” without end.

But for now, all I have are pages,
Letters that come in little stages.
A reminder that he’s not forgotten,
That in my heart, he’s never rotten.

I pray each day for his release,
For the day we embrace and feel at peace.
Until then, I’ll hold him close,
In my heart, where love still flows.

My dad may be in jail today,
But his love for me will never fray.
He may be locked up, but never forgotten,
For his hold on my heart is never rotten.

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