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Loss and Grief

10 Heart-Wrenching Children Death Poems – Remembering the Angels

Heart-Wrenching Expressions: Poems on the Loss of Children

Welcome to our page dedicated to Children Death Poems! We know it’s a sensitive topic, but don’t worry, we promise to handle it with care and a touch of gentle humor. Here on 1LovePoems, we offer a range of heartfelt tributes and odes to the beautiful angels who left our world too soon. From short and sweet verses to longer, emotional pieces, we have it all. Allow our collective words to provide comfort and solace during this difficult time. Remember, the love we shared with our little ones never dies, so let us honor their memory through poetry.

Short Poems

1. Little Angel
Our little angel flew away
To a world we cannot see
Though we wish that she could stay
God has set her spirit free

2. Empty Cradle
An empty cradle sits alone
No cries shall fill the room
Gone too soon and yet unknown
Our love shall be his tomb

3. Precious Gift
A precious gift so pure and sweet
Taken from us much too fleet
Though she may be gone from sight
Her memory will shine bright

4. Whispers in the Wind
Whispers in the wind we hear
Reminding us of one so near
A child who left us all too soon
But in our hearts, shall forever bloom.

Medium Poems

Angel’s Song

Angels sing a lullaby
For children gone too soon,
Their gentle voices harmonize
To soothe a parent’s gloom.

With every note, they promise love
Will never fade away,
And memories of precious time
Will linger every day.

Though little ones have flown ahead
Their love remains behind,
Their dear sweet spirit fills the air,
A guiding light to find.

No more the pain, the tears, the loss,
Just peace and sweet repose,
The Angels watch, and cradle close,
All children heaven-bound.

Butterfly Wings

I saw a butterfly today,
Its wings as soft as silk,
So light it fluttered, then flew away
Without a hint of guilt.

It danced in fields of colored blooms,
Like fairies, soft and bright,
And though I watched, I lost it soon,
A fluttering of light.

And then I thought of little ones,
Who danced with joy and grace,
But like the butterfly, they were gone
Leaving before their time, no trace.

And in my sorrow, I found faith
A way to understand,
That like the butterfly, their span of life
Was never meant as planned.

Forever Young

Children’s laughter echoes here,
In memories filed away,
A world of wonder, far and near,
When every day was play.

They ran and jumped, explored the land,
Their eyes filled with delight,
They laughed and played, made castles grand,
Their world a perfect sight.

And though, they left this world behind,
Their memories still live on,
Their laughter and joy still remind
That once they danced upon.

And in those moments, we can find
A gift they leave behind,
A treasure trove of memories kind,
Forever young, in our mind.

Long Poems

The Innocent Departed: A Tribute to Children Gone Too Soon

Life is a precious gift, so fragile and delicate
Yet sometimes it’s snatched away, leaving hearts desolate

The loss of a child, so young and full of life
Is a pain beyond measure, a heartache like a knife

Gone are the smiles, the laughter and the joy
Instead, tears flow freely, hearts filled with a void

In the stillness of the night, we hear their little voice
Whispering words of love, reminding us of their choice

To leave this earthly realm, and ascend to a higher place
A place filled with peace and love, where angels embrace

Their spirits now free, soaring high above
No more pain or suffering, just pure and perfect love

Though they left us too soon, their memory lives on
In the beauty of a sunset, in the warmth of the sun

In the gentle breeze that touches our face
Or in the sweet melody of a favorite song’s embrace

For every time we remember, they’ll never truly leave
Their spirit lives within us, a love that will never grieve

So let us honor their memory, with every passing day
And keep their spirits alive, in every single way

For the innocent departed, gone too soon in life
Our love and memories remain, their spirit forever bright.

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