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Loss and Grief

Heartbreaking Break Up Poems That Will Leave You in Tears

Heartbreak in Verse: Poems for Healing after a Break Up

Going through a break up? We feel you. To help you cope, we’ve gathered a collection of breakup poems that will speak to your heart. From heart-wrenching to empowering, our range of break up poems will remind you that you’re not alone in this experience. So grab some tissues, find a quiet spot, and dive into our collection. Who knows, maybe you’ll find solace in the words of our poets. And if not, well, at least you’ll have some mildly entertaining reading material to bide the time.

Short Poems

1. “Goodbye”
Farewell, my love
The end has come
Our time was short
But memories long

2. “Heartbreak”
My heart is shattered
By your callous words
Black and blue emotions
On a canvas of hurt

3. “Moving On”
The sun still shines
And life moves on
I’ll find new love
And start anew at dawn

4. “Closure”
It’s time to close the book
On what we used to be
The final chapter’s written
And now I’m finally free.

Medium Poems

Farewell, My Love

Farewell, my love, it’s time to part ways,
A bittersweet goodbye on this fateful day.
Our love, now faded, was once a bright flame,
But now we’re left with only memories to claim.

The pain in your eyes shows your heart’s despair,
But we both know, deep down, that it’s only fair.
Our love was beautiful, yet it had to end,
For we couldn’t keep pretending, my dear friend.

Perhaps, time and distance will heal our wounds,
And we’ll find a way to be together soon.
Until then, let’s bid each other adieu,
And hope that what’s meant to be will come true.

So farewell, my love, let’s not shed a tear,
For what we shared will remain forever dear.

Broken Promises

The promises we made, once so sincere,
Now ring hollow in my ears, loud and clear.
The love we shared, that seemed so real,
Has disappeared, leaving an empty feel.

The beautiful memories, now turned to dust,
Remind me of a time when love was a must.
But you chose to break our love and trust,
And shattered our bond, without any fuss.

I thought we were a team, inseparable and strong,
But your actions proved me so terribly wrong.
You said forever, but forever didn’t last,
And now I’m picking up the pieces of my heart, smashed.

I wish things were different, but life’s not fair,
And all I can do is to breathe in the fresh air.
For time will heal, I know this for sure,
And I’ll move on, with a heart that’s pure.

So goodbye, my dear, and may you find your way,
For I’ll find mine, and we shall meet another day.

Long Poems

Shattered Love

We were once inseparable,
Two hearts entwined as one,
But now we stand divided,
Our love, shattered, undone.

I remember the way we laughed,
Our dreams, our plans, our schemes,
But now I look upon you,
Through eyes that have shed too many tears.

Our love was like a fairytale,
A storybook life we shared,
But now the pages lay scattered,
Torn apart, with hearts now bared.

We both know it’s over,
Our love, a fragile thing,
Yet still we cling to memories,
As if they could make our hearts sing.

But the truth is hard to bear,
Our love, now broken, torn,
And though we try to fix it,
We know we’re all alone.

So let’s move on and face the truth,
That our love can’t be repaired,
We both deserve a future,
Where our hearts can be prepared.

It’s time to say goodbye,
To the love we once held dear,
And though it’s hard to do so,
We’ll shed no more tears.

So farewell to our shattered love,
A chapter now closed and done,
May we both find our happiness,
And live a life that’s free and fun.

The End of Us

It’s hard to find the words to say,
To tell you that I’m walking away,
But I know it’s time, it’s overdue,
The truth is, I’m done with you.

We’ve fought and cried and tried to mend,
Broken promises again and again,
I can’t keep living a life of lies,
I deserve love that doesn’t disguise.

You see, our love was like a fire,
At first it burned with a strong desire,
But as the years went on, it flickered and died,
Leaving us both feeling empty inside.

I used to long for your touch and kiss,
But now it’s something I won’t miss,
We’re not in love, we’re just comfortable,
We stay together out of habit, that’s all.

I’m sorry if this hurts your heart,
But I want a brand-new start,
I don’t want to beg or plead,
I want to live, to laugh, to read.

So, let’s just say goodbye,
And end this chapter with a sigh,
I’ll always cherish the memories we made,
But it’s time for me to walk away.

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