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Sweet Farewell: Preschool Goodbye Poems

Sweet Farewell: Heartfelt Preschool Goodbye Poems to Touch Little Hearts

Saying goodbye to a preschooler can be tough for parents and teachers alike. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of preschool goodbye poems to help ease the farewell blues. From sweet and sentimental to silly and playful, we’ve got a range of poems that are sure to leave your little one smiling. So, whether you’re dropping your child off for their first day of school or bidding farewell to a class full of precious little ones, our preschool goodbye poems are the perfect way to say, “see you later, alligator!”

Short Poems

1. “See You Soon”
It’s time to say goodbye for now,
But don’t you fret or worry how,
We’ll see each other again real soon,
And have more fun, just me and you!

2. “Time to Say Goodbye”
Our time together today is done,
It’s time to say goodbye my little one,
But don’t you worry, don’t you fear,
I’ll always be right here!

3. “Goodbye for Now”
Our day together has come to an end,
But remember, my dear little friend,
That though we say goodbye for now,
We’ll meet again, and take a bow!

4. “Until We Meet Again”
Goodbye for now, sweet child of mine,
But know that our love will always intertwine,
And until the next time we meet,
My love for you will never deplete.

Medium Poems

Bye-Bye Preschool

Goodbye preschool, it’s time to go,
We’ve learned so much, now we will grow.
We’ll miss the fun, the songs we sang,
And all the friends with whom we hang.

But now we’ll start a brand new phase,
With bigger buildings, longer days.
We’ll work and learn and play some more,
And all the great things we’ll explore.

So goodbye preschool, we’ll cherish thee,
Thanks for the memories and company.
We’ll take what we learned and use it well,
As we march forth in life’s long trail.

Farewell, Dear Friends

Farewell, dear friends, we’ve come so far,
From our first steps to reaching for a star.
We’ve laughed and played and shared our toys,
And made sweet memories that give us joys.

As we bid goodbye and leave our den,
Our hearts are heavy, but we know when
We meet again in the future bright,
We’ll still be friends, with all our might.

So thank you, preschool, for all you’ve given,
For teaching us things both small and driven.
We’re ready now for the next big thing,
With knowledge and confidence that you helped bring.

Farewell, dear friends, and all that’s good,
May life take us on adventures that we should.
Let’s stay connected, though apart we be,
For in each other, we’ll always find glee.

Long Poems

The Goodbye Song

Goodbye, goodbye, it’s time to say farewell

Our time together has been simply swell

We’ve laughed, we’ve learned, we’ve danced and played

And memories of these days will never fade

We’ve colored with crayons and painted with glue

Explored the outdoors and made new friends too

We’ve sung silly songs and shared stories galore

And each day brought something we hadn’t seen before

We’ve grown in so many ways, it’s plain to see

From learning the alphabet to tying shoes with glee

We’ve learned to be kind, share and take turns

And these lessons we’ll carry with us as we learn and grow in turns

But now it’s time for us to go our separate ways

And start new journeys that will fill our days

We’ll miss each other and the fun we’ve had

And remember these times when we felt happy and glad

So goodbye, goodbye, but let’s not forget

The memories we’ve made, and the friendships we’ve met

We’ll take these with us as we say farewell

And know that we’ll always have these stories to tell.

Saying Goodbye to Preschool

As the year comes to an end,
It’s time to say goodbye my dear friend.
We’ve shared laughter, tears and fun,
Our time together has just begun.

I remember the first day we met,
You were shy, nervous and a bit upset.
But it wasn’t long until you smiled,
It made my heart feel warm and wild.

From playing with blocks to dress up play,
We learned something new each day.
We sang songs, danced and read stories too,
We explored and discovered, just me and you.

You’ve grown so much, my little one,
You’re ready for the next step, it’s time to run.
Into the future, with open arms,
With memories of preschool, your heart will be calm.

I’ll miss your hugs, your smiles, your laughs,
But I know you’ll always remember our path.
The path from your first day, to your last,
Filled with love, learning, and a blast.

So here’s a big hug and a kiss,
As we say goodbye, I’ll sorely miss.
You’ll always hold a special place in my heart,
Goodbye my little ones, it’s time to depart.

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