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Fun and Easy Number Formation Poems for Kids – 1LovePoems

Count on These Number Formation Poems to Add Some Fun to Learning!

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we don’t just write about matters of the heart, we also help you learn the basics! That’s right, in this collection of number formation poems, we’ll be helping you with the numbers 0 to 9. Whether you’re teaching a young one or just need a refresher yourself, these poems will make the learning process fun and easy. From counting sheep to rocket ships, our poems cover a range of topics and styles, but all with the same goal in mind: to help you write your numbers with grace and ease. So grab a pen and let’s get started!

Short Poems

1. “Start at the Top”
When we write a number one,
We start at the top, it can be fun!
Straight down and then we’re done,
Now number one is what we’ve begun.

2. “Round and Round”
Number zero, who can’t be found,
We draw a circle that goes round and round.
No beginning, no end to be found,
Number zero is perfectly round!

3. “Curve for Two”
When we write a number two,
We make a little curve that we can do.
Down and around, and then cut through,
Now number two is what we drew!

4. “Three’s a Tree”
Draw number three like a little tree,
The trunk is small and the leaves are free.
Around and back, then a branch of three,
Number three is growing strong for all to see!

Medium Poems

1. “One Little Line”
One little line, straight and tall,
That’s the way to form number one, after all.
Start at the top, then go straight down,
Now you’ve made number one, nice and sound.

2. “The Curvy Two”
Next up is number two, curvy and round,
Like a swan gliding across a pond.
Start at the top, make a curve to the right,
Then a mirror image to complete the sight.

3. “Bunny Ears Three”
Number three has a special trick,
Make two bunny ears, quick and slick.
Start at the top, go down to the right,
Circle around to the left, now that’s just right!

Long Poems

The Magic of Numbers

One is the starting point,
A single line standing tall.
It’s the beginning of counting,
And the foundation of it all.

Two is a bit more tricky,
But with practice, it’s a breeze.
Two straight lines, side by side,
Like two friends, at ease.

Three has a little curve,
But it’s not too hard to do.
It’s a number that rises and falls,
And comes in handy, too.

Four is like a square,
With three lines nice and straight.
It’s a number we see often,
And it’s easy to create.

Five is like a five-pointed star,
With a line that stands alone.
It’s a number that stands out,
And is easily known.

Six is like a loop and a line,
A little bit like a stick.
It’s a number that’s easy to write,
And it’s not too tricky.

Seven is a bit like a hook,
With a little bit of grace.
It’s a number that’s elegant,
And easy to embrace.

Eight is like an infinity sign,
A number that goes on and on.
It’s a symbol of forever,
And it’s easy to draw upon.

Nine is like a hook and a loop,
A number that’s almost complete.
It’s a number that turns inward,
And it’s easy to keep neat.

Ten is like an upside-down U,
With a line that stands below.
It’s the last of the digits,
And a number that we know.

So practice your numbers every day,
And let their magic unfold.
For with each number you write,
You’ll be growing wise and bold.

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