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Amanda Gorman Poems for Kids: Inspire Young Minds with Words of Hope and Change

Engage Kids with the Power of Poetry: Amanda Gorman Poems for Young Readers

Short Poems

1. “The Power of Words”
Words are powerful, they can heal
Or they can be like a sharp pointed steel
We must choose them wisely, with care
For they can hurt, but also repair

2. “The Magic of Dreams”
Close your eyes and let your mind roam
To faraway places, kingdoms to call home
There’s magic in dreams, you’ll see
A world of possibilities, just believe

3. “The Beauty of Nature”
The sunsets glow, the flowers bloom
The birds in flight, there’s no room for gloom
Nature’s beauty is all around
Take a step outside and you’ll be found

4. “The Joy in Diversity”
Our world is full of colors, shapes, and sizes
People from different lands, with different prizes
We should celebrate the diversity in all
Stand together and answer the call.

Medium Poems

1. “The Hill We Climb”
Onward we climb, towards the sun
With hope and unity, we have begun
No longer to be divided by fear or strife
Together we can create a better life

Let us climb higher, beyond walls and hate
Towards a brighter future, love our fate
For every step we take, we build a new dream
A world of justice, where all voices can gleam

2. “Rise and Shine, America”
Rise and shine, America, it’s a brand new day
Full of possibilities, let’s chase them all the way
From sea to shining sea, let freedom ring
Let every voice be heard, let every joy sing

We are a nation of hope, we are a land of dreams
United we stand, or so it seems
So let’s reach for the stars, and aim for the sky
With hope and love, we can reach new highs

3. “The Power of Words”
Words have power, to move, to heal
To comfort, to inspire, to make us feel
In every speech and rhyme, a story unfolds
Of dreams, of courage, of tales yet untold

Words can soothe the soul, and lift up the heart
Or break us, tear us apart
So let’s choose our words, with care and thought
And use them wisely, with love we’ve brought.

Long Poems

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