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Captivating 4th Grade Poems – Inspire Your Young Poet

Discover the Magic of Fourth Grade Poetry!

Welcome to our page dedicated to 4th grade poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we believe that poetry can be a fun and engaging way for young minds to express themselves creatively. From silly rhymes to heartwarming stories, our collection of 4th grade poems covers a wide range of topics that will inspire and entertain both kids and adults alike. So whether you’re a parent or teacher looking for a way to encourage your little ones to develop their writing skills, or simply a lover of poetry looking for a dose of nostalgia, you’re in the right place! Get ready to explore the imaginative and whimsical world of 4th grade poetry with us.

Short Poems

1. The Mighty Oak
Tall and strong, the mighty oak
Stands proud upon the land
Its branches stretch toward the sky
And sway in the wind so grand

2. The Lazy Cat
A lazy cat sits on the mat
With eyes half closed and fat
She sleeps and dreams of tuna fish
And waits for her next dish

3. The Colorful Rainbow
After the rain, the sky above
Is filled with colors bright
The beautiful rainbow, so magical
Fills our hearts with pure delight

4. The Buzzing Bee
With wings that flap so fast
The busy bee goes by
It buzzes here and buzzes there
Collecting nectar from each flower nigh.

Medium Poems

1. “Autumn Leaves”
Amber, gold, and red,
Falling from the trees ahead.
Rustling and swirling down,
Autumn leaves all around.
A crisp and cool breeze,
Nature’s masterpiece.

2. “A Snowy Day”
Flakes float down from the sky,
Softly, gently passing by.
A winter wonderland,
White as far as you can stand.
Building a snowman,
Having fun with friends,
Making memories to last till the end.

3. “The Ocean’s Song”
The waves crash onto shore,
A symphony of ocean’s roar.
Salt spray on the air,
Sea creatures everywhere.
Shells and sand between my toes,
The ocean’s song forever flows.

Long Poems

Nature’s Symphony

The birds are singing in the trees,
A melody that’s carried on the breeze.
The rustling leaves add to the sound,
A symphony that can be found,
In every corner of this earth,
A harmony that shows our worth.

The babbling brook is running near,
Its notes are soft and pure and clear.
The water rushes, splash and spray,
A composition that’s on display,
In every region of this land,
A music that we can understand.

The insects buzz and hum and fly,
A rhythm that’s bound to satisfy.
The bees are working hard and fast,
A beat that’s sure to last,
In every part of this terrain,
A tempo that will ease your pain.

The wind is whistling loud and long,
A tune that’s haunting and strong.
It dances through the hills and dells,
A tune that nature often tells,
In every domain of this sphere,
A harmony that we should all revere.

The sunshine beaming down so bright,
A chorus that enlightens our sight.
The golden rays that warm our skin,
A melody that’s heard within,
In every section of this globe,
A symphony that mirrors love.

So let us celebrate this song,
A tribute to where we belong.
The music of the earth so grand,
A symphony we’ll always understand,
In every aspect of our lives,
A melody that helps us thrive.

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