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Triangle of Love: A Trio of Poems Celebrating Passion and Devotion

Triangle of Love

Three sides of passion, strong and true
Connecting hearts, joining two
Emotions rise, like peaks so high
Infinite love, never will die

Each corner meets, a perfect blend
Forever together, until the end
Through ups and downs, we will survive
In our triangle of love, we will thrive

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we’re rounding out our geometric poetry collection with a series of Triangular Poems! We’ve got a whole spectrum of jotted jingles and wonky wordings to bend your brain and tickle your tongue. From a pyramid of passion to a three-pointed tale of heartbreak, these poems boast angles sharper than Cupid’s arrow (and some that may just be as pointy). So gear up for a triangular journey into love and all its shapes and forms.

Short Poems

1. “Triangular Love”
Love is a triangle
You, me, and the world
Complete and infinite
Our hearts unfurled.

2. “Triangular Struggle”
A triangular battle
Of mind, body, and soul
A fight for balance
A challenge to uphold.

3. “Triangular Journey”
A triangular path
Of past, present, and future
A journey to be taken
A destination unsure.

4. “Triangular Friendship”
Friendship is a triangle
You, me, and laughter
A bond that lasts forever
A connection we’ll treasure.

Medium Poems

Lost in the Labyrinth

Lost in the labyrinth of my mind,
I wander through the twists and turns,
Trying to find my way out of this bind,
But the path ahead just churns and churns.

I hear the whispers of doubt and fear,
Echoing through the maze of my thoughts,
But I push them aside and persevere,
For I know what my heart truly sought.

I seek the light that shines ahead,
The beacon that will guide me out,
Through the darkness and the dread,
Towards a brighter route.

And though the journey may be long,
And the pathway unclear at times,
I know that with perseverance strong,
I’ll emerge to the sunshine.

Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the past resound in my soul,
Memories that I thought I’d left behind,
Haunting me still, taking their toll,
A constant reminder of what was once mine.

I see the moments, like flickers of light,
Flashing by in my mind’s eye,
A kaleidoscope of colors bright,
But also of pain and of good-bye.

I try to move on and let go,
But the echoes still linger on,
An unbreakable cord that won’t let me show,
The world that I have moved on.

Perhaps someday the echoes will fade,
And I’ll be free of the past’s hold,
But until then, I’ll face the memories made,
And learn to be brave, and bold.

Long Poems

Triangle of Love

Love is like a triangle
With three points to guide us
The first point is passion
That ignites the flame within us

The second point is intimacy
That brings us closer day by day
Sharing our hopes and dreams
In every possible way

The third point is commitment
That binds us together for life
Through the ups and downs
We remain partners in strife

Love is not always easy
But with these points in view
We can navigate the challenges
And build a love that’s true

So let’s cherish our triangle
And all that it represents
For with love as our foundation
We can conquer any event

And in the end we’ll find
That our triangle of love
Was worth all the effort
And sent from above.

Triangular Dreams

In the depths of my mind,
There lies a world of triangular dreams,
Where mountains are pyramids,
And trees are cones.

The sky is a vast triangle,
Of blue and white,
And the sun is a point,
That shines with all its might.

In this world of mine,
The streets are angled,
And the buildings are sharp,
As if they were tangled.

The people are pyramids,
And they walk with a strut,
With their edges so sharp,
And their tops pointed up.

But in this world of triangles,
There is one thing that stands out,
It’s the feeling of mystique,
That fills the air about.

There’s an energy here,
That words can’t describe,
And it transports me to a world,
Where anything can come alive.

So as I dream of triangles,
And wander in this land,
I feel the power of creation,
In the palm of my hand.

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