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Abuse and Recovery

Poems On Bullies

Confronting Cruelty: Poems on the Power of Standing Up to Bullies

Welcome to our special collection of poems on bullies! We’ve assembled a range of wittily crafted verse from talented poets around the world to explore the damaging effects of bullying and offer a message of hope and empowerment to those who may be struggling with this issue. So whether you’re dealing with a bully, know someone who is, or simply want to join the fight against bullying, take a look at our poems and let them inspire you to stand up, speak out, and spread love and kindness wherever you go.

Short Poems

Bully Blues
I’m just a kid, I want to have fun
But when the bully’s around, I want to run
He pushes, he shoves, he calls me names
It’s hard to be happy when he is always playing these games

The Silent Victim
She walks alone, head down low
Wanting to hide from the bully’s blow
She never speaks up, she never fights back
She’s just a silent victim, under the bully’s attack

Be Kind, Just Because
Why do you need to make others feel small
Just to make yourself feel tall?
Be kind, just because it’s the right thing to do
And you won’t have to worry about who’s bullying who

Take a Stand
Don’t let the bully be in command
Take a stand, make a stand
Speak up and speak out, show them you’re strong
And show the world, bullying is wrong.

Medium Poems

The Lonely Bully

Once a bully had a heart
But now it’s torn apart
He thought he was tough and bold
But now he’s feeling so cold

He picked on others to feel strong
But now he’s all alone
No friends to lend an ear
He’s drowning in his own fear

He wishes he could turn back time
And undo all his crimes
But now it’s much too late
He’s sealing his own fate

Bullying isn’t worth the pain
It’s a losing game to play
Choose kindness instead
And a happier life you’ll be led

Rise Above

When the bully comes your way
Don’t let them have their way
You are stronger than you think
You have the power to break their link

They want to bring you down
Make you feel like a clown
But your worth is not determined by their words
They’re just trying to make you hurt

Stand up tall and proud
Don’t let them bring you down
You are worthy of respect
And that’s what you should expect

Be kind, be brave, be strong
And you’ll prove them wrong
Bullies thrive on intimidation and fear
But with love and support, you have nothing to fear.

Long Poems

The Monster in the Playground

In the playground, there’s a monster
It hides behind a friendly face
It waits for its prey to wander
Then strikes with its cruel embrace

It targets those who are different
Who stand out from the crowd
It mocks them with its harsh words
And laughs when they cry out loud

It takes pleasure in their pain
And revels in their fear
It doesn’t care about the damage
It leaves in its wake, year after year

It feeds on the tears of its victims
And thrives on their shattered dreams
It doesn’t care about the scars
That it leaves behind, or so it seems

But there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon
As the victims band together
They stand up to the monster
And refuse to be bullied forever

They show the monster who’s boss
And reclaim their playground space
They chase the monster away
And put an end to its ruthless chase

So always remember this lesson
And never let the monster win
Stand up for what you believe in
And let your true colors shine from within.

The Tyranny of the Bullies

Verse 1:
There’s a group of kids at school
Who think they’re power and cool
They strut around like kings and queens
And spread their cruelty in between

Verse 2:
Their favorite thing to do
Is to pick on someone who
Is different or just shy
And make them cry and wonder why

The tyranny of the bullies reigns
It’s a kind of power that only brings pain
They use their words and fists to hurt
And leave deep scars that can take years to revert

Verse 3:
They make fun of clothes, hair, and looks
Of accents, hobbies, and books
They call you names and spread rumors
Making you feel like a loser

Verse 4:
But the worst thing they can do
Is to isolate and exclude
To make you feel like you don’t belong
And that something’s fundamentally wrong

The tyranny of the bullies reigns
It’s a kind of power that only brings pain
They use their words and fists to hurt
And leave deep scars that can take years to revert

Verse 5:
It’s hard to stand up to them
When they’re so big and loud and grim
But we must find the courage to speak
And fight for the right of the weak

Verse 6:
We must teach them empathy and kindness
And show them how to be friends
We must build a culture of respect and love
And put an end to the bullying trend

The tyranny of the bullies must fall
We can’t let them hurt and dominate us all
We must use our voices and hearts to heal
And make the world a better place to feel

So let’s stand up to the bullies today
And offer a hand to those who lose their way
Let’s be the change we want to see
And make the world a bully-free reality.

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