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Abuse and Recovery

Pills Addiction: Poetry of Pain and Hope in a Battle Against Medication Despair

Lost in the Medicine Cabinet: Poems on Pills Addiction

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about pills addiction! Here at 1LovePoems, we understand the seriousness of this issue, but we also know that sometimes it helps to approach difficult topics with a little bit of humor. That’s why we’ve curated a range of poems that capture the complexities of pills addiction, from the painful struggles to the moments of hope. So whether you’re looking for something heart-wrenching or moderately witty, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. The Dance of Addiction
Pills, pills, pills,
Swirling around in dizzying thrills.
They promise relief, they promise cheer,
But they always lead to a desperate fear.
Addiction’s waltz, a deadly spin,
Until there’s nothing left within.

2. The Illusion of Control
I hold the bottle, I hold the key,
To all the things I used to be.
Pills to numb, pills to elate,
Pills to give me power and fate.
But every dose takes a little away,
Until I’m no longer in the driver’s seat to stay.

3. The Hollowed Out Soul
The pills swallow me whole,
Leaving an empty shell to console.
The pain is gone, the emotions blunted,
But my humanity is left stunted.
Addiction consumes, until I’m nothing but a hollow,
A prisoner to the pills, unable to follow.

4. The Consequences We Pay
Pills may bring comfort, may bring escape,
But they always come with a hefty price to pay.
Families broken, careers lost,
All for a numbing that comes at too high a cost.
The addiction cycle is a ruthless beast,
Leaving destruction in its wake, a never-ending feast.

Medium Poems


A little white pill,
Promising relief and thrill.
One becomes two,
And soon there are a few.

Life gets tough,
And it never seems enough.
Pills become a friend,
With addiction at its end.

The world fades away,
As pills dictate the day.
Even when the harm is done,
Pills still feel like fun.

But the high never lasts,
And the craving comes fast.
Pills are a trap,
With no way to turn back.

Pillars of Addiction

Pillars of addiction,
Holding on to pills with conviction.
The mind goes numb,
As the pills take their sum.

Pills promise a cure,
Even though the problem may endure.
Darkness creeps in,
As the addiction sets in.

Day becomes night,
As pills take over the sight.
Addiction is a fight,
With no end in sight.

The feeling fades away,
But the addiction is here to stay.
Pillars of addiction,
Keeps one in the grasp of affliction.

Long Poems

The Depths of Addiction

Pills, pills, and more pills,
A black hole that endlessly fills.
The pain, the hurt, the memories past,
All erased with a single pill that lasts.

At first, it was just a way to cope,
To escape the life, he couldn’t hope.
One pill turned into two, into three,
Until he was swallowed, unable to break free.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months,
The pills were his crutch, his only response.
His body deteriorating, his mind lost,
A slave to the pills, at what cost?

He couldn’t stop himself, the addiction ran deep,
To break the cycle, he would have to take a leap.
But the thought of life without the pills,
A reality filled with all his ills.

The high was fading, the lows increasing,
The pills were no longer releasing,
His pain, the hurt, the memories past,
The pills were now a trap that would never last.

The depths of addiction, a dark, lonely place,
A life he couldn’t escape, desperate to save face.
The pills were his downfall, his ultimate demise,
A lesson for all that addiction is never wise.

The Insatiable Hunger

The pills are calling, their siren song
A hunger deep within, so strong
An unrelenting urge to numb the pain
To chase away the demons, yet again

The first taste, so sweet and pure
A fleeting moment, so demure
But soon, the hunger takes control
A bottomless pit, consuming whole

One pill, two pills, three and more
Lost track of count, lost the score
Fingers numb, heart racing fast
A feeling of euphoria, meant to last

But soon, the shadows start to creep
Whispers in the darkness, hard to sleep
Visions of a world that’s lost and bleak
No strength to fight it, frail and weak

The pills, they promise relief and bliss
A temporary escape, from the abyss
But as the body grows dependent and weak
The hunger only grows, harder to defeat

The addiction takes a stranglehold
The hunger never sated, so bold
And though the pills may bring relief
The cost too high, a life of grief

The craving never ends, day or night
The hunger never satisfied, in sight
So long as the pills, the hunger feeds
The insatiable hunger, it will lead

Down a path, dark and bleak
A life consumed, nothing to seek
But the pills, the endless need
A trap so tight, so hard to be freed

And though the road may be long and hard
The hope of freedom, still a shard
For those who fight, and never give in
The hunger can be conquered, a new life to begin.

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