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Abuse and Recovery

Drug Addiction Poems – Poems about the Struggle and Pain of Addiction

Breaking the Chains: Poems on Overcoming Drug Addiction

Welcome to our drug addiction poems page, where words can be powerful enough to inspire change. Here, you’ll find a variety of poetry that explores the complexities of addiction, from the euphoric highs to the devastating lows. Whether you’re searching for hope, courage or just an honest reflection, our collection has got you covered. So grab a cuppa, sit back, and lose yourself in the artistry of our poets. Just remember, addiction is a serious issue, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun with the words. Let’s raise a glass, or in this case, a pen, to those walking the path of recovery.

Short Poems

1. Lost in the Abyss
Spiraling down
Into the void I go
My mind a prisoner
To the drugs that I know

2. The Constant Urge
It grips me tight
This unrelenting thirst
For a high that’s fleeting
But always comes first

3. Breaking Free
With trembling hands
And a heart full of fear
I take my first steps
Towards a life that’s clear

4. The Road to Recovery
Each day a battle
But I fight with all my might
The road to recovery
Is a path worth the fight

Medium Poems

The Grip of Addiction

The grip of addiction is a chain that binds,
A hold so strong, it clouds the mind.
It starts with a rush, a high so sweet,
But it quickly turns into a never-ending feat.

The drug takes control, it becomes the master,
Leaving behind a life that’s filled with disaster.
The world becomes dull, a shadow of its own,
As the addict is trapped, scared and alone.

The grip of addiction never lets go,
It’s a battle that’s fought, with no end in sight,
But one thing is for sure, it’s a fight to survive,
As the grip of addiction is a never-ending strife.

Breaking the Chains of Addiction

Breaking the chains of addiction is a road less traveled,
But it’s a journey worth taking, when the soul is unraveled.
It’s hard to let go, of the past and the pain,
But it’s necessary to heal, to be whole again.

The road is long, and the climb is steep,
But the rewards are plentiful, for those who can reap.
A new life awaits, with purpose and hope,
As the chains of addiction finally let go.

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s one that’s worth the fight,
As every step forward, brings a new ray of light.
The chains of addiction, finally broken and gone,
As a new chapter in life is finally born.

Long Poems


Trapped in a world of pills and pain,
A life consumed by a thirst in vain.
The sweet release I seek to find,
In numbness, I hope to unwind.

A life once filled with love and dreams,
Now only echoes of distant screams.
A hollow shell now stands in place,
A soul lost in this endless race.

The needles puncture, the veins do burn,
A twisted pleasure I always yearn.
The world outside is but a blur,
In here, a fleeting sense of sure.

The highs and lows that come and go,
A rollercoaster of feelings, to and fro.
The mind a prisoner to its own game,
A life now lived in constant shame.

I long to break free, to run far away,
To embrace the light of a brand new day.
But the chains that bind are strong and tight,
The will to fight now out of sight.

Trapped in a world of pills and pain,
A life consumed by a thirst in vain.
The sweet release I seek to find,
In numbness, I hope to unwind.

The Depths of Addiction

It all started innocent enough,
Just a pill to ease the pain,
But soon I found I needed more,
Just to feel “normal” again.

The highs were euphoric,
A warmth that spread within,
But the lows were unbearable,
A pain that seemed to never end.

I tried to quit a million times,
But the cravings were too strong,
The grip of addiction was too tight,
I felt like I didn’t belong.

My relationships suffered,
My life became a blur,
I lost myself to the addiction,
And everything became a blur.

The needles were my saviors,
The only thing that brought me joy,
But they also brought me closer,
To a path that would destroy.

I didn’t want to lose it all,
But addiction had its hold,
It was a prison of my own making,
A story that never grows old.

The journey to recovery,
Was long and hard and tough,
But I knew I had to do it,
Because life was still enough.

It’s been years since my last fix,
And the memories still haunt,
But I’m proud of where I am,
Of the life that I have sought.

Addiction may have taken its toll,
But it didn’t define me,
I found the strength to beat it,
And I’m finally free.

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