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Abuse and Recovery

Cutting Depression Poems to Express Inner Turmoil

Cutting My Pain Away – Depression Poems of Self-Harm and Healing

Welcome to our collection of depression poems about cutting! Here at 1LovePoems, we understand that this is a sensitive and deeply personal subject. That’s why we have curated a range of poems that approach the topic with empathy, compassion, and yes, even a touch of wit. We know that these poems will resonate with those who may be struggling with depression and the urge to self-harm. So come on in, take a deep breath, and explore our collection. We hope that these poems bring you comfort and remind you that, above all, you are loved.

Short Poems

1. “The Blade”
The blade so sharp and cold
My only friend to hold
It brings relief from pain
Till scars forever remain

2. “Addicted”
I didn’t mean to start
But cutting fills my heart
A rush of euphoria
Followed by deep paranoia

3. “Hidden Scars”
The scars on my skin
Tell the tale of where I’ve been
But they’re hidden from view
So no one will ever have a clue

4. “Breaking Free”
I won’t let cutting define me
I’ll break free from what it’s made me
Though the urge is strong
I’ll find a way to hold on.

Medium Poems

Deeper Cuts
I slice my skin with sharp despair,
A moment’s relief from pain I wear,
Yet these wounds never heal,
As the scars deepen and take hold, surreal.

I try to shake this desperate abyss,
But with each slice, I plunge further into the mist,
My heart beats with a slow, sluggish pace,
As I try to escape this dark and lonely place.

Blooded Tears
My tears cannot wash away the pain,
As I slice my skin again and again,
The blood spills like angry demons,
As I sink deeper into my own sorrows and secrets.

I wish I could find another way,
To ease the hurt that drives me to play,
With the blade that cuts so deep,
But my mind is mired in this cycle, bleak.

Into the Abyss
I’m falling into an endless abyss,
As I cut myself to feel something other than this,
The pain is sharp, but it’s familiar,
A comfort that feels like home, no matter how sinister.

I know I should try to break free,
To find a reason to live and be,
But it’s hard to fight this gnawing despair,
That has taken over, and keeps me ensnared.

Long Poems

The Cravings Within

I can feel the cravings simmering within
A plea for help, a need to sin
The urge to cut is stronger than ever
To feel the pain, to feel clever

My mind is consumed by the constant pain
The need to bleed, the need to stain
The scars are a reminder of my past
A reminder of the pain that will forever last

I try to resist but the cravings won’t go
The urge to cut is all I know
I want to escape from this depressing state
But the only way out is to self-mutilate

People tell me to stop, that it’s not worth it
But they don’t understand, they don’t get it
The pain I feel is too much to bear
The only relief is the blood I dare

To let flow from the cuts I make
The pain subsides, the peace I take
But it’s only temporary, it never lasts
The cravings return, my mind is cast

Into the darkness of depression and pain
The cycle repeats, it’s impossible to explain
How the craving for cuts can control my mind
And drive me to leave my pain behind

The scars I bear are a testament of my pain
A sign of the turmoil, the chaos in my brain
I hope one day I’ll find a way to cope
To stop the cravings and find a new hope

Until then, I’ll keep fighting in vain
Against the cravings, against the pain
I’ll keep hoping for a brighter day
When the cravings within will finally fade away.

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