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Dystopian Dreams: Poems of a Bleak Future for 1LovePoems website.

Nightmares Turned Reality: Dystopian Poems for the Future of Humanity

Welcome to our page of dystopian poems! Here you will find a range of poignant and thought-provoking poems about possible futures that may leave you feeling a little uneasy. Don’t worry, our poets won’t leave you in despair. Instead, they will guide you through the darkness with their words and leave you pondering the unpredictable nature of life itself. So, buckle up and dive into the world of dystopian poetry!

Short Poems

1. “The Dying Sun”
The sky turns gray
A dim light fades away
As the sun takes its last breath
There’s nothing left but death

2. “The Last Stand”
Guns load, swords drawn
The battle has begun
For freedom, for life
We’ll fight until the end of time

3. “The Abandoned City”
The streets are silent
But the buildings whisper
The ones who lived here
Are gone, forever

4. “The Cursed Land”
The ground is dry
The rivers have run dry
No life can be found
In this barren wasteland around

Medium Poems

The City of Dread

In the city of dread,
The streets are overrun with decay,
The air is thick with misery,
And hopelessness reigns supreme.

The buildings stand tall and imposing,
But within their walls lies only despair,
For the people here have lost all joy,
And life is nothing but a daily grind.

The ruling class lives in luxury,
While the rest of us struggle to survive,
But even they cannot escape the darkness,
That hangs over this city like a shroud.

We dream of escape, of a better life,
But the reality is that there is none,
For in the city of dread,
We are all prisoners of our own making.

The Last Stand

We stand here, united,
Against the darkness that threatens to consume us,
Our weapons at the ready,
Our hearts filled with courage and hope.

This is our last stand,
Against the forces of tyranny and oppression,
And though we may fall,
We will not go quietly into the night.

For we are the resistance,
The ones who will not back down,
Who will fight for what is right,
No matter the cost.

And though we face overwhelming odds,
Though our enemies seem invincible,
We will not give up,
For to do so would be to surrender our very souls.

So we stand here, resolute,
Ready to face whatever comes our way,
For we know that in this final battle,
We will either triumph or be forever lost.

Long Poems

The Last Breath of Freedom

The sirens blare in the distance,
A warning to those who dare resist.
The government rules with an iron fist,
Punishing any who dare to persist.

Our once bright world is now dark,
The air is thick, the sky is stark.
Freedom is a long-forgotten spark,
As we are forced to march in lock.

Every move is under scrutiny,
None can escape the daily scrutiny.
Our lives are ruled with complete impunity,
As we fall deeper into community.

Our leaders once seemed benign,
Now they are ruthless and unkind.
Our neighbors, once friendly and inline,
Now follow orders, robotic and blind.

The few who stand up, they are silenced,
Their voices lost in a world of violence.
Our spirits are broken, our hearts pained,
As we watch our beloved country, drained.

The last breath of freedom lingers,
A memory of the days long gone.
The world we once knew has vanished,
Replaced by a dystopian dawn.

The Collapse of Society

In the year of our Lord, two thousand and twenty-one,
Humanity’s fate was sealed, the end had now begun.
A virus ravaged the globe, no cure to be found,
The world was thrown into chaos, mankind had hit the ground.

The governments all faltered, unable to contain the spread,
Panic and fear gripped the populace; all hope was dead.
The streets lay empty, stores and businesses closed,
The silence eerily comforting, as the world was exposed.

As the days turned to weeks, and months to years,
Survival was the only goal, to overcome all fears.
The scarcity of resources caused wars to rage,
Brothers and sisters turning on each other, the new reality on this stage.

The once vibrant cities now lay in ruins,
No more towering skyscrapers, just rubble strewn.
The only traces of life came from the mutated creatures,
Roaming the earth with ferocity, all civilisation features.

The sun rarely shone, the sky always gray,
The planet had grown sick, humanity’s price to pay.
The air was thick with a sickly, pungent smell,
A world devoid of all life, headed towards hell.

The water was scarce, no more oceans to sail,
No more green forests, no more clearance of the trail.
The ruins of marble and granite now the land’s topography,
A reminder that no force can stop Mother Nature’s geography.

The survivors were few, clinging onto the hope of a new dawn,
Hoping that this nightmare would one day be gone.
For now, all they could do was fight, fight to live,
For the world they once knew, was no more to give.

The Collapse of Society, humanity’s final call,
A warning to respect nature and make an eternal vow.
For once the end comes, no power on earth can save,
A world we leave behind as we head for the grave.

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