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Madly In Love

Author: Angelica Saranillo

I can’t explain why I feel this way, 
Every time you would come my way 
I always tremble, feeling nervous, 
It’s like I want to fall down unconscious.

I don’t know what is so special about you 
That made me fall in love with you. 
Maybe that lovely face of yours, 
Your smiles and ways, yes of course.

Every time you’re by my side 
I’d like to stretch my hands open wide 
And embrace you tightly, endlessly. 
But I can’t, you might turn away from me.

So tell me, what can I do, 
If this is what I feel for you 
Can you blame me, if I have fallen 
Madly in Love with you, my darling.

Madly In Love is a poem about deep feelings of love that overpower every other emotion. There is a certain hesitation to reveal this love, in fear of rejection. But love finds its way to come to light, in the end …

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