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Thanksgiving Poems for Preschoolers: Fun and Easy Poems to Share!

Turkey Tomfoolery: Silly Thanksgiving Poems for Preschoolers

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we have an array of delightful Thanksgiving poems for preschoolers! From silly rhymes to heartfelt odes, our collection has something for everyone. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the very best, so sit back, relax, and prepare to be charmed by the sweetest turkey day renditions. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and settle in for some festive fun!

Short Poems

1. Thankful Turkey
Turkey, turkey, big and bold
We know that you’re not just for cold
November days, but you spread your wings
So we can all give thanks and sing

2. Harvest Time
Pumpkins, apples, and corn galore
Autumn harvest’s a time to explore
The bounty we have, the love we share
It’s all around us, it’s everywhere

3. Grateful Hearts
Thank you, thank you, for all we see
The sunshine, the flowers, the honeybee
The hugs and kisses, the loving care
We appreciate it all, we’ll always be there

4. Sharing and Caring
Giving, sharing, and spreading joy
This Thanksgiving, let’s be like a buoy
Lifting each other up, making things bright
We all have something to share, let’s make it right

Medium Poems

1. “Thanksgiving Time”
Thanksgiving time is here again,
A time to share with family and friends.
We gather ’round the table to eat,
And give thanks for all we have to keep.

2. “Turkey, Turkey”
Turkey, turkey, brown and round,
In the oven you’ll be found.
Filled with stuffing, fresh and hot,
You’ll be the centerpiece of the pot.

3. “Thankful Hearts”
Thankful hearts, full of joy,
Blessed with family and food to enjoy.
We cherish the memories we make this day,
And give thanks for our blessings along the way.

Long Poems

The Turkey and the Feast

In the heart of November
When the leaves have turned brown
When the wind blows colder
And the days grow shorter down

The feast of Thanksgiving
Is on its way here
And we’ll all gather ’round
With loved ones that are dear

We’ll sit at the table
And pass dishes galore
A turkey, potatoes,
Gravy and much more

Our plates will be full
With food piled so high
The smells and the tastes
Will make us all sigh

We’ll take turns sharing
What we’re thankful for
Our family and friends
And so much more

The turkey will be carved
And glasses will be raised
We’ll toast to good health,
And generous hearts unfazed

So let’s savor this moment
And cherish this time
With family and friends
And blessings so fine

For the memories we’ll create
As we laugh and we feast
Will be treasured for always
In our hearts at the very least.

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