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Preschool Graduation Poems – Celebrate Your Little One’s Big Accomplishment

Celebrating Our Little Graduates: Poems for Preschoolers

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems for preschool graduates! We understand how exciting and emotional this time can be, and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with some words of poetry? Here you will find a range of poems, from sweet and sentimental to downright silly, that capture the essence of preschool graduation. So grab a tissue (or a glass of champagne) and peruse through our collection of poems that will make your little one feel extra special on their big day.

Short Poems

Oh, the Places You’ll Go
Preschool friends, today we say
Goodbye to naptime, snacks and play
It’s time for you to spread your wings
And fly to heights of wondrous things
Oh, the places you’ll go!

You’re a Kindergarten Kid Now
You’ve come so far from ABC
To counting, singing, “1, 2, 3”
You’ve learned so much, it’s hard to tell
Now it’s time to ring the bell
You’re a kindergarten kid now!

Friends Forever
In preschool we laughed and played
And all our memories won’t fade
We made new friends and learned to share
With hugs and love, we showed we care
Friends forever, we’ll always be.

Our Tiny Graduates
Our tiny graduates, hats in the air
So proud of all the knowledge you share
It’s sad to see you go, but we know
You’ll keep growing, and learning as you go.

Medium Poems

Long Poems

The Journey to Kindergarten

As you prepare to leave us,
To go out into the world,
We want you to know we’re proud of you,
Our precious little boys and girls.

You’ve grown so much since you arrived,
And learned so many things,
Your laughter and your innocence
Have given our hearts their wings.

And now you’re off to kindergarten,
Ready to take on new challenges,
But don’t forget the lessons learned,
And all the happy magic.

Remember that you’re special,
Unique and full of light,
And keep your hearts open,
To new adventures day and night.

For life is a journey,
Full of ups and downs,
But as you step out into the world,
We know you’ll wear your crowns.

So walk, my little graduates,
With confidence and pride,
And know that you’ll always be loved,
As long as you’re by our side.

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