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Egg-citing Easter Poems to Brighten Your Day

Rejoice in the Resurrection: A Collection of Easter Poems

Welcome to our Easter Poems page! Here at 1LovePoems, we’re egg-cited to bring you a range of poems all about this egg-stra special holiday. From hopping bunnies to colorful eggs, our collection has got it all. So grab a basket (or a pen!) and hop into the Easter spirit with our poems.

Short Poems

Springtime Promise

Easter brings a new beginning,
As springtime promises renew,
Flowers bloom and birds are singing,
A world of possibility, anew.

Easter Joy

Easter brings a joyous feeling,
As we celebrate renewal and life,
We gather with loved ones, sharing,
In a day that vanquishes strife.

Falling Leaves

As fallen leaves give way to spring,
New life is born and flourishes,
We celebrate the season by gathering,
And sharing blessings and nourishes.

The Easter Gift

Resurrected, bright and triumphant,
In his hands the Easter gift,
A message of hope and faith,
For all of us to uplift.

Medium Poems

Spring Awakening

Spring awaken, from your winter sleep
The earth is calling, whispers in the trees
Beneath the soil, new life will soon rise
From barren land, beauty will arise

Buds bursting open, colors vibrant and bright
A symphony of renewal, a wondrous sight
With each dawn comes a new beginning
As spring opens up, life is singing

Let us embrace this season of rebirth
And find hope in each step we take on earth
As we shed our burdens and burdensome fears
May we be renewed, in this season of cheers

Easter Blessings

Easter blessings to you and yours
May the light of the season open doors
To happiness that fills your days with light
Bringing laughter, love, and pure delight

May your heart be open and your spirit free
As you celebrate this feast with me
With Easter eggs, chocolate treats, and more
Let’s rejoice and spread love galore!

Let’s cherish the memories that we make
And the love that we share, for goodness sake
May your Easter be filled with joy and peace
As we celebrate new life and sweet release


The bright morning sun has risen once again
As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and reign
For our sins, he gave his life on the cross
A sacrifice for us, without a pause

In his rising, we see the power of love
And the victory of God’s grace, above
With each breath we take, let’s embrace
The gifts of life and love, in his holy place

Let us honor his sacrifice with every prayer
With kind acts and love that we daily share
And with each new dawn, let’s lift our voice
In praise and celebration, let’s rejoice!

Long Poems

The Resurrection

In the early morning, before the sun arose,
A miracle was happening, God’s love exposed.
The tomb was empty, a stone rolled away,
And angels appeared, to the women to say:

“Do not be afraid, on this glorious morn,
The one you seek, Jesus Christ, is reborn.
He has defeated death, and conquered sin,
And his eternal love, will always win.”

The women ran back, to tell the disciples,
Of the amazing news, that was truly vital.
But Thomas doubted, until he saw for his eyes,
The living Christ, before he rose to the skies.

The resurrection, a hope for all,
That death does not have the final call.
For in Jesus, we have eternal life,
And the promise of peace, to ease all strife.

We celebrate Easter, with joy and glee,
For the resurrection, has set us free.
Let us sing praises, to our risen Lord,
And live in his love, forevermore.

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