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10 Short Easter Poems to Celebrate the Resurrection

Easter Joys in Verse: Short Poems That Celebrate Renewal and Hope

Welcome to our Easter Poems page, where we’ve got a basketful of verse just for you! Whether you’re looking for something sweet and simple, or a little more egg-streme, we’ve got you covered. From classic sonnets to silly limericks, we’ve got an egg-citing range of Easter-themed poems to hop along with. So put all your eggs in one basket and dive in!

Short Poems

1. Easter Joy
Easter brings us joy and cheer,
As we celebrate with those we hold dear.
With baskets filled with goodies and treats,
We come together for a day so sweet.

2. Renewal
Springtime blooms and colors burst,
As we see nature at its best.
And just as nature renews itself,
Our spirits are lifted by Easter’s wealth.

3. Resurrection
Easter is a time of faith,
When we remember the sacrifice made.
For on this day Christ was risen,
And our souls were forgiven.

4. Easter Blessings
May Easter bring you peace and love,
From the heavens and above.
And may the joy of this holy day,
Stay with you in every way.

Medium Poems

Easter Joy
Easter joy fills the air,
As we celebrate and share,
The love and grace of our Lord,
Who died for us and was restored.

The springtime flowers bloom,
A reminder of the empty tomb,
Where Jesus rose from the dead,
And conquered sin and death.

Let us sing and shout with glee,
For the victory we now see,
And may our hearts be filled with hope,
As we navigate life’s ups and downs.

Easter joy, oh how sweet,
Makes our souls feel complete,
For we know that our Savior reigns,
And we have eternal life to gain.

Renewed Hope
Amidst the darkness and despair,
Comes a season of renewed hope and care,
As the world awakens to the dawn of Easter,
And we bask in the love of our divine Master.

With each passing day, the light grows brighter,
As we feel a sense of peace and restorer,
Of all that was lost and broken,
Through the sacrifice of God’s only Son spoken.

So let us lay aside our doubts and fears,
And embrace the grace that’s now so near,
For in the miracle of Christ’s resurrection,
We find hope and joy and perfection.

As the bells peal and the choir sings,
Let our voices join in praise of the King of Kings,
For He has risen and conquered sin and shame,
And now offers us a new life and name.

Long Poems

Easter Joy

Easter joy comes bursting forth,
From hearts of all who know its worth.
A celebration of new beginnings,
And the hope that Easter brings.

The tomb was empty, Christ arose,
His victory over death he chose.
He conquered sin, and set us free,
Easter joy for all to see.

The spring flowers bloom and grow,
Signs of new life start to show.
The grass is green, the sky is blue,
Easter joy, so bright and true.

We gather with family and friends,
To celebrate and make amends.
We share a meal, we share a prayer,
Easter joy, we all can share.

So let us sing and dance and smile,
Let our hearts be light for a while.
For Easter joy has come to stay,
And will guide us on our way.

Easter is a time of cheer,
as springtime blooms year after year.
Chocolate eggs and bunny fun,
rejoicing in the risen Son.

May this Easter fill your heart,
with hope and love that will never depart.
May it bring peace and goodwill towards all,
and help us rise each time we fall.

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