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Kid-Friendly Earthday Poems | Celebrating Our Planet with 1LovePoems

Nature’s Beauty: Earthday Poems for Kids to Celebrate Our Planet

Hey kiddos! Are you ready to celebrate Earth Day? If you’re looking to express your love for our amazing planet, we’ve got just the thing for you – earthday poems! From silly and fun to heartfelt and meaningful, we’ve got a range of poems that will tickle your fancy and inspire you to take care of our beautiful planet. So sit back, relax, and get ready to read some of the best earthday poems for kids!

Short Poems

1. Go Green
Every day, every way
Let’s go green, come what may
Reduce, reuse, recycle too
This Earth is our home, let’s make it anew

2. Clean up Time
It’s clean up time, let’s make it fun
Pick up trash, one by one
A cleaner Earth, we can achieve
For our future, let’s believe

3. Nature’s Beauty
In the forest, by the stream
Nature’s beauty, it’s a dream
Mountains, beaches, skies so blue
This Earth is amazing, all thanks to you

4. Trees
Trees, trees, they are our friends
Oxygen they provide, to keep us on the mend
Their leaves change colors, in fall they shed
Without them, we’d be less fed.

Medium Poems

1. “Nature’s Beauty”
Nature’s beauty is all around,
In the trees that sway and the flowers that abound.
The chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees,
All remind us to protect what we see.

2. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
Reduce, reuse, recycle too,
Is what we must all learn to do.
Paper, plastic, and bottles too,
Can all be reused, it’s up to you.

3. “We Are One”
The earth we live on is our home,
We must take care of it as our own.
We are all connected, one by one,
Let’s work together, for a better tomorrow to come.

Long Poems

A World Worth Saving

On this Earth Day, let’s stand tall and say
We’ll do our part, in every single way
To make this world, a better place
For ourselves and future generations, to embrace

The animals, the plants, the oceans and the sky
Are all part of nature, that we should dignify
We need to conserve, and protect them all
So that they can thrive, and never fall

Reduce, reuse, recycle they say
It’s the little things, that can make our day
Turn off the lights, conserve water too
Plant more trees, and watch them bloom

Pollution and waste, are not our friends
We need to find ways to come to an end
Clean energy, electric cars, and more
Are all solutions, that we should explore

It’s up to us, to make a change
To live more sustainably, to rearrange
Our habits, our choices, our values too
So that we can create, a world that’s new

Let’s join hands, and work together
To create a world, that’s safe and better
For you and me, and everyone else
Let’s make this world, a world worth saving, with love and bells.

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