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Sweet 1st Birthday Poems to Celebrate Your Little One’s Big Day

First Year of Love: Heartfelt 1st Birthday Poems for Your Little One

Hey there, Poem Lovers!

If you’re looking to celebrate your little one’s first birthday, then you’ve come to the right place. Our website, 1LovePoems, is your one-stop-shop for all things poetic and festive. We’ve got a range of heartfelt, humorous, and cute poems that will give you all the feels as you reflect on this milestone in your baby’s life.

From odes to first steps, to lullabies that put them to sleep, we’ve got it all covered. Our poets have taken the time to craft masterpieces that capture the essence of this special day. We guarantee that you’ll find a poem that resonates with you and your family, leaving you with lasting memories of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

So, go ahead, browse through our collection of 1st birthday poems and find the perfect one to recite at your little one’s celebration. They may not understand the words just yet, but they’ll surely feel the love in the air.

Cheers to a year of giggles, snuggles, and hugs, and many more to come!

Short Poems

1. “First Year Milestones”
One year has flown by,
And so many milestones you’ve hit,
First steps, first words and more,
It’s been a joy to witness it.

2. “Happy Birthday, Little One”
Your first birthday is here,
And we can hardly believe,
How quickly time has flown,
And how much you’ve achieved.

3. “A Year of Love”
A year ago today,
You entered our lives,
Bringing joy and love,
That never dwindles or dies.

4. “Our Little Treasure”
You’re one year old today,
Our precious little treasure,
Watching you grow and learn,
Brings us endless pleasure.

Medium Poems

1. “One Year Old”
Happy birthday to a special little one,
You’ve turned one year old, how fast it’s spun!
From your first steps to your first words,
We cherish each memory, like precious jewels.

Your smile and laughter light up our days,
And watching you grow has been amazing in every way.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds,
For this precious little one, as the story unfolds.

2. “A Year Full of love”
From the moment you were born,
Our hearts filled with so much love and adoration,
Now you’re one year old, and we’re reminded once again,
How much joy you bring, each day without end.

You sweet little one, we’re blessed by your presence,
Your smiles and giggles, make life so much more pleasant.
As you grow and learn, may your heart always be filled with love,
For this year and many more, we wish you adventures from above.

3. “Growing Up”
It seems like just yesterday, you were in our arms,
So small and fragile, a world full of charm.
Now one year later, you’re turning into a little person,
Our hearts are full, just bursting.

Time has flown, too quickly they say,
Before we know it, you’ll be going away.
We cherish each moment, long or short,
With love and pride, you fill our hearts.

So happy birthday, dear one year old,
We’re so proud of you and the person you’ll become,
May your journey through life, be full of love and grace,
And we’ll be by your side, always in embrace.

Long Poems

A Year of Wonder

A year ago today,
A precious gift came our way,
A tiny bundle of joy,
Our sweet little girl or boy.

From the first breath you took,
Our hearts were forever shook,
As we held you in our arms,
We knew you’d keep us from harm.

Days turned into weeks,
And before we could even speak,
You smiled and cooed and giggled,
Our hearts completely wriggled.

Your first steps had us beaming,
Your first words had us dreaming,
Of all that you’d grow up to be,
Our love for you beyond what we could see.

Now here we are, a year has flown,
A year of watching you grow and roam,
From crawling to standing to running,
Your spirit shining, never shunning.

We’ve watched you explore,
The world around us that we adore,
You bring us laughter and light,
Your curiosity always in sight.

So here’s to you, our beautiful one,
On your first birthday we’re over the moon,
We’re grateful for every moment,
In this year of wonder, you are our love’s testament.

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