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Eating Disorder Poems – A Struggle With Food and Self

Broken Reflections: Poems on the Pain of Eating Disorders

Welcome to 1LovePoems! We know that love comes in all shapes and sizes, but so do struggles that we face in our daily lives. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of poems about Eating Disorders, to raise awareness and provide comfort to those in need. From the heartbreaking to the empowering, our range of poems on this topic will leave you feeling stronger and more connected to those around you. So dig in and indulge in the wonderful world of poetic expression as we tackle this important issue. Let’s break down the walls of silence and stigma, one line at a time!

Short Poems

1. “Empty Stomach”

My stomach screams out in pain
But I ignore it as if inane
I won’t give in to my hunger
My self-control only getting stronger

2. “The Scale”

I step on the scale, it defines my worth
The numbers increase, I feel desolate and hurt
I strive for perfection, a number on the scale
But my happiness it never seems to prevail

3. “Rabbit Food”

I eat my greens, the color brings a smile
Yet, I feel empty, like I didn’t eat for awhile
I crave for more, but I refuse to indulge
My obsession with food, I cannot divulge

4. “Reflections”

I look in the mirror, my body takes a toll
The image reflected, sticks like a sticky scroll
I want to change, to be better than before
But the cycle of restriction, leaves me wanting more.

Medium Poems

Her Obsession

Her mind is consumed
By this mysterious demon
That feeds her thoughts
Until her hunger is gone

She stares at her reflection
With scrutinizing eyes
Picking apart the smallest details
Until she believes she’s not enough

Food is the enemy
A constant battle of wills
She denies herself nourishment
Thinking it will bring her closer to perfection

But it only leaves her empty
A shell of who she used to be
Lost in the abyss of self-loathing
Her obsession takes hold

Until one day, she’s too weak to fight
Her body fails her
Her soul is crushed
By the weight of her own expectations
And she realizes too late
That it was never worth it.

Beneath the Surface

It’s not just about the food
Or the number on a scale
It’s the pain that hides beneath the surface
The stories that we don’t tell

It’s the fear that grips us
The shame that suffocates
The loneliness that consumes us
In a world that can be so cruel

It’s the voice inside our heads
Telling us we’re not enough
That we’ll never measure up
No matter how hard we try

And we believe it
We let it define us
We let it rule our lives
Until we can no longer see
What true beauty really means

But there is hope
There is love
There is a way out
Of this dark and lonely place

We just have to be brave enough
To speak our truth
To seek help and support
To believe in ourselves

So let’s break free
From the chains that bind us
Let’s rise up
And claim our right to be happy
And whole
And loved.

Long Poems

Concealed Hunger

I starve myself in secret,
My pain I can’t express,
Counting calories and portions,
I’m obsessed more or less.

I fear the food that surrounds me,
The numbers that determine my worth,
Restraining myself from intake,
I’m a prisoner on this earth.

Every mealtime is a battle,
I fight with my mind and soul,
The temptation of hunger is rattling,
I refuse to lose control.

My body aches with emptiness,
And my heart cries out for satisfaction,
But fear consumes my every breath,
Amenable for a forceful reaction.

The mirror reveals a liar,
A fake image I portray,
I hide behind my facade,
A prisoner I am, night and day.

Hope flickers like a candle,
Uncertain of my fate,
But I push myself to the limit,
Holding onto a dream that’s great.

In my journey to recovery,
I will conquer this disease,
My concealed hunger will end,
And my true self, I will unleash.

The Hunger Inside

Deep inside there’s a hunger that grows,
A burning desire I can’t seem to lose.
It starts in my mind and takes control,
This need to be perfect, to feel whole.

I count every calorie, every bite,
I weigh myself morning and night.
The numbers on the scale are my guide,
They dictate when I can and can’t abide.

Food is my enemy, my biggest fear,
It’s something I can’t seem to steer.
My stomach churns at the sight of a meal,
I’m consumed by anxiety and aching zeal.

I push away food, I say I’m not hungry,
But the truth is I’m famished and craving serenity.
My body is weak, it’s tired and frail,
But the hunger inside won’t let me prevail.

I look in the mirror, I can’t recognize,
The person I’ve become, this unrecognizable guise.
My bones protrude, my skin is stretched tight,
My eyes are sunken, my spirit taking flight.

I want to break free from this vicious cycle,
To end the war that’s raging inside my mind’s aisle.
But the hunger inside is a powerful beast,
It rages and roars, causing pain and unease.

I pray for the strength to overcome,
To release the grip this disorder has done.
I want to live, to feel joy and delight,
To not be consumed by this endless fight.

So I’ll take one step at a time, one day at a time,
I’ll fight the urge to starve and decline.
I’ll nourish my body and my soul,
And let the hunger inside lose its hold.

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