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Nursing Laughs: Hilarious Poems About Life in Scrubs

Nurse Your Troubles Away with These Hilarious Poems!

Welcome to our collection of funny nurse poems! Nurses are often unsung heroes of the medical world, tirelessly caring for their patients with compassion and skill. But even the most dedicated nurse needs a good laugh every once in a while. That’s why we’ve gathered a range of poems on this topic – from silly limericks to clever rhymes – to give you a chuckle and celebrate these hardworking healthcare professionals. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the wit and humor of these funny nurse poems!

Short Poems

Poem 1
Bedside Manner
Patients complain
I’m too cold as ice
But hold on to your pain
And let me check your vital signs

Poem 2
Prescription for Laughter
Why did the nurse bring a red pen to work?
In case she needed to draw blood!

Poem 3
A dose of humor
Nurse, nurse, do you have some aspirin?
Sure, what’s the problem?
I just can’t seem to swallow my pride!

Poem 4
Operating Room Jokes
Why did the surgeon break up with his nurse?
She kept giving him the cold scalpel!

Medium Poems

1. “The Nurse’s Lament”
Oh how I love my scrubs,
But I’m tired of all these lovebugs,
Sneezing, coughing, runny nose,
I just want to disinfect all my clothes.

2. “The Night Shift Nurse”
When the sun has gone to bed,
I put on my scrubs of red,
I roam the halls with sleepy nodes,
Giving meds and taking vitals,
Hoping to bring comfort to these individuals.

3. “The Nurse’s Duty”
Blood and guts don’t make me squirm,
I’m used to patients who moan and squirm,
I’m here to heal and to soothe,
Until their bodies improve.

Long Poems

The Adventures of Nurse Nelly

Nurse Nelly was a curious soul,
Always inquisitive, never dull.
She wanted to learn, she wanted to know,
And so she set out on a journey that would go.

From the ER to the ICU,
From the maternity ward to the flu,
Nurse Nelly traveled far and wide,
Searching for knowledge, never to hide.

She met patients and doctors alike,
Each one with their own story to spike.
She laughed with them, she cried with them,
And took the time to listen in.

Her heart was big, her hands were strong,
And every day she went along,
Helping those who needed her most,
And never once complaining or boasting.

Nurse Nelly was a special kind,
A nurse so kind, so clever of mind.
She made us laugh, she made us smile,
And she always went that extra mile.

So here’s to Nurse Nelly, our superstar,
Our nurse who showed us what it’s like to go far.
Her dedication and compassion did shine,
And we’ll never forget Nurse Nelly, so fine.

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