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Justice Reigns: Poems on Fighting for Equality and Liberty

Words of Justice ? Poems for a Fairer World

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate poetry on love, life, and everything in between. Today, we’re gathering some of the most impressive poems about justice for your reading pleasure. From thought-provoking pieces to amusing rhymes, we have it all covered. So whatever your taste in poetry, we guarantee you’ll find something to engage your inner wordsmith. Let’s dive in and explore the beauty and complexities of justice through the eyes of talented poets.

Short Poems

1. “The Righteous Hand of Justice”

With a fist unyielding and mind so keen,
The hand of justice demands to be seen.
With swift precision it deals the blow,
To those who betray and to those who sow,
The seeds of malice and hatred’s curse.
The righteous hand of justice will not disperse.

2. “The Scale of Balance”

The scale of balance is heavy and true,
With justice and mercy in perfect review.
The weight of consequences carefully measured,
The price of wrongdoing fully treasured.
With eyes of discernment and heart of steel,
The balance of justice will always reveal.

3. “The Cry of the Oppressed”

The cry of the oppressed rings high and clear,
A plea for justice that all can hear.
The voice of the silenced and the broken,
Their hopes and dreams forever stolen.
With every tear that falls to the ground,
The cry of the oppressed makes a resounding sound.

4. “The Triumph of Truth”

In the triumph of truth, justice is found,
The light of hope in darkness profound.
With every veil of deception stripped away,
The seeds of truth are allowed to stay.
In the victory of truth, justice prevails,
And the darkness of injustice forever pales.

Medium Poems

Justice Served

Justice served, a bitter pill
For those who broke the law
Their deeds now caught, they cannot flee
Accountability they draw

For every victim, a voice now heard
Their pain no longer unseen
Justice served, in their honor
Their healing can begin

For every guilty verdict
A message is sent loud and clear
Crime will not go unpunished
Justice will always be near

May justice serve as a reminder
To choose the path of right
For those who stray from the light
Justice will shine its might


Injustice reigns, a crushing weight
The innocent suffer in despair
Their cries go ignored, unheard
Their hopes dashed with each snare

The guilty walk free, a travesty
Their deeds unchecked, they thrive
The system fails, the truth obscured
Justice, nowhere to arrive

For every victim, a pain so deep
Their faith in fairness erodes
Their trust in humanity shattered
Uneven scales, the wrong episode

May injustice drive us to strive
To make right what is wrong
To fight for the powerless and weak
To sing a different song

Long Poems

The Call for Justice

In a world so wrought with pain,
Where the innocent are often slain,
Where voices are silenced, unheard,
The call for justice will be spurred.

For those whose rights are stripped away,
Who wake to fight another day,
We hear your cries, your pleas for aid,
Justice will be served, we’ve faithfully prayed.

To the victims of oppression and hate,
For you, we’ll seek justice, it’s not too late,
No more hiding in the shadows, no more fear,
For the truth will come out, and justice will be near.

We’ll stand for what’s right, no matter the cost,
Our convictions are firm, we’ll never be lost,
For justice is our banner and our light,
We’ll fight for it with all our might.

So let us unite, and take up this call,
To fight for justice, to right every wrong,
Let us never falter, let us never fail,
For justice will always prevail.

For in the end, when all is said and done,
We’ll be judged by the justice we’ve won,
So let us make this world a better place,
For justice and truth, and for the human race.

The Scales of Justice

The scales of justice, balanced and true,
Weighing the evidence, what is just and due,
In the halls of courts, in the minds of judges,
Justice is the goal, through all the grudges.

From the smallest of claims to the grandest crime,
The scales of justice weigh every dime,
From the words of victims to the pleas of the accused,
Justice must be served, the rules must be used.

In the streets where the rioters roar,
The scales of justice aim to restore,
Order, peace, and the rule of law,
Justice must triumph, without a flaw.

In the prisons where the guilty stay,
The scales of justice reveal the way,
To serve the sentence imposed by the judge,
Justice is done, it should not budge.

But justice is more than rules and scales,
More than prisons and trials and jails,
It is the righteous living of our lives,
In harmony with others, no dirty knives.

Justice is the fairness in all our deeds,
The way we treat others, the way we lead,
It is the respect we show for all,
The way we rise every time we fall.

So let us live with justice in our hearts,
Not just in the courtroom where it starts,
But in every moment of every day,
Justice is the only way.

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