Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Diane B.

I close my eyes,
And I see his face
I feel his touch,
His warm embrace
I hear his voice,
He whispers so
Says he'll never
Let me go
He smells so good,
It feels so right
I beg him please,
To hold me tight
He runs his fingers
Through my hair
Caresses my skin, 
His touch so fair
And then he presses
His lips to mine
My body quivers, 
With feelings divine
And just as I feel
I haven't a care,
I open my eyes, 
To find he's not there
Was it all in my head?
Does my dream man exist?
I feel a great sadness,
as I ask myself this
Then as I look up,
As if out of the blue
I see your sweet smile,
And I reach out to you
You gladly reach back,
With your arms open wide
The moment stands still,
A love frozen in time
You are the man, 
Of which I had dreamed
I've waited forever, 
Or so it has seemed
To share these feelings, 
So pure, so true
I want to shout it out loud...
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