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Regrets: A Collection of Poems on Love, Loss, and Missed Opportunities

Echoes of Remorse: Poems About Regret

Welcome to our page of Poems About Regret! Whether it’s about heartbreak, missed opportunities, or bad decisions, regret is something we’ve all experienced at one point or another. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a range of poems on the topic. From deep and introspective to subtly humorous, our collection has something for everyone. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy some poetic insight into the complex emotion of regret. Just try not to regret not reading them sooner!

Short Poems

1. If Only
If only I had shown more care,
If only I had been aware,
If only I had said what’s true,
If only my regrets weren’t due.

2. I Should Have
I should have tried to be more kind,
I should have opened up my mind,
I should have listened to your voice,
I should have made a different choice.

3. The Weight of Past
The weight of past is heavy on my heart,
I wish I could make a new start,
But past remains a heavy load,
A burden of regrets, never to be told.

4. Memories of Regret
Memories of regret haunt my mind,
A past I cannot leave behind,
I wish I could change the things I did,
But time marches on, regrets never rid.

Medium Poems

The Weight of Regret

Regret is a heavy burden to bear,
It’s a weight that we often cannot share,
In the quiet of the night, it grows,
And it’s hard to shake off its hold.

The what-ifs and the should-haves,
Are the thoughts that keep us up late,
How could we have done things differently?
It’s a question that haunts us endlessly.

Perhaps we made mistakes,
And we wish we could turn back the clock,
But life still goes on,
And we must find a way to move on.

Regret is a reminder of our humanity,
And the lessons we’ve learned along the way,
It may weigh us down for a while,
But it’s up to us to lighten the pile.

We should strive to live with no regrets,
To do our best and never forget,
That every mistake is a chance to grow,
And we’ll be better off in the long run, you know.

The Road Not Taken

There is a path that we did not take,
It’s a road that we wish we had embraced,
The what-ifs and the maybes,
Are the thoughts that keep us dazed and hazy.

We wonder what could’ve been,
If we had chosen a different scene,
Would we be better off,
Or would we have just traded one problem for another scoff.

Maybe the road not taken,
Would have led us to a life forsaken,
Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise,
And we were better off where we reside.

Regret is a natural emotion,
But it’s also a pointless notion,
We should focus on what we have,
And strive to be content with our path.

For the road not taken is a fantasy,
And the present is our reality,
Let us learn from our past choices,
And make the best of our current voices.

Long Poems

Ghosts of Regret

The ghosts of regret haunt me still,
Their whispers echo, and I feel ill.
They remind me of the things I’ve done,
And the opportunities I’ve shunned.

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time,
And undo my foolish crimes.
Take back the hurtful words I’ve said,
And the steps that I didn’t tread.

I regret the chances I didn’t take,
The risks that I failed to make.
I wonder where my life would be,
If I’d just followed my heart and dreams.

But now, the past is set in stone,
And I’m left with what I’ve sown.
The ghosts of regret won’t let me be,
Their chains of guilt bind me tightly.

I try to let go, but it’s not that easy,
To forget the pain and be free.
I’m haunted by what could have been,
And the wasted years I’ve spent.

So I’ll face my ghosts with courage and might,
And I’ll strive to make things right.
I won’t let regret control my life,
I’ll make the most of what’s left behind.

The Weight of Regret

Regret, a weight heavy as lead,
Drags and pulls at my heart and head.
The moments missed, the words unsaid,
Haunt me as I lay in bed.

The paths not taken, the chances lost,
Fleeting opportunities at great cost.
Choices made without enough thought,
Leave me wondering and feeling fraught.

The hurts I caused, the pain I caused to bear,
The damage done, beyond repair.
The bridges burned, the trust shattered,
The relationships destroyed, forever tattered.

The time I wasted, the life I squandered,
The dreams I abandoned, the future pondered.
All of it sits heavy, like a stone,
A weight I carry, all alone.

Regret, a constant reminder,
Of the ways in which we expire.
The ways we fall short, and miss the mark,
The mistakes we make that leave their embarks.

But let us not drown in this abyss,
Or be trapped by regret’s cruel twist.
Let us learn from our mistakes, and grow,
And let unwieldy regret slowly go.

For in releasing its grip, we’ll see,
The beauty of forgiveness, finally free.
And in its place, we’ll find some peace,
And let our weary souls, finally rest and cease.

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