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Stormy Emotions: Poems About the Power of Storms

Raging skies and thunderous cries: Poems about storms that will mesmerize.

Welcome to our stormy page of poems based on one of the most intriguing and mysterious natural phenomena. Here, you will encounter a range of poems that capture the essence of storms in all their glory. From thunderous lightning strikes to howling winds and pouring rain, we have it all covered!

So on this page, you can expect to find works that are as electrifying and unpredictable as the storms themselves. Each piece is uniquely crafted to reflect the varied emotions that storms can bring- from awe and wonder to fear and trepidation.

So grab your passels and head on this journey of a storm with our collection of poems that will not only blow you away but will also make you appreciate the power of nature.

Short Poems

1. “Thunderous Roar”
The storm rages on,
Thunderous roars fill the air,
Nature’s power unleashed.

2. “Captivating Light”
Electric flashes,
Illuminate the dark sky,
Captivating light.

3. “Drenched Earth”
Raindrops pour down hard,
Soaking the earth’s parched surface,
Life rejuvenated.

4. “Calm After the Storm”
The tempest subsides,
Calmness settles in its wake,
A new day dawns bright.

Medium Poems

The Fury of the Storm

The sky turns dark, the wind howls
The trees sway, the rain pours
A storm has arrived, with all its might
Nature’s fury, in full sight

It lashes and thrashes, with a vicious roar
Breaking all that comes in its way, down to the core
The lightning strikes, the thunder booms
Nature’s rage, no one can assume

But soon it will pass, and leave in its wake
The calm after the storm, a fresh slate
A reminder of nature’s power, and its force
The Fury of the Storm, in full discourse

The Calm Before the Storm

The sky is clear, the air is still
All is quiet, in the rolling hill
But something is brewing, in the distant sky
The Calm before the Storm, a warning cry

The birds stop chirping, the leaves stop rustling
The world stands still, nothing is bustling
The silence is eerie, it fills the air
Nature’s way, of giving us a scare

There is no denying, what’s about to come
A raging storm, that will leave us numb
But for now, we wait and watch
The Calm Before the Storm, the calmness we clutch.

Long Poems

The Fury of the Storm

Rumbling thunder, flashing streaks of light,
The clouds gather, a fearsome sight.
The wind howls, a haunting melody,
As the trees sway, in wild symphony.

The rain pours down, a relentless beat,
Drenching everything from head to feet.
The earth trembles, with each resounding crash,
As the storm unleashes its fiery lash.

Amidst the chaos, the lightning strikes,
An electric force, that fiercely spikes.
A fiery bolt, that splits the sky,
A symbol of nature, untamed and high.

And yet, amidst this tempestuous display,
Lies a beauty, that never fades away.
For in the storm, there is a power,
That overcomes, in its darkest hour.

A force that cleanses, washes away,
The sins and sorrows, of every day.
A strength that purifies, and renews,
A bright new hope, for all to choose.

So let the storm rage, fierce and free,
A reminder of what once could be.
For in its fury, there lies a truth,
That in its aftermath, renews our youth.

Storm Front

As daylight fades and skies turn grey,
The signs of a storm are on display.
A gust of wind begins to blow,
As far off thunder begins to grow.

The clouds converge and gather fast,
The storm is coming, it won’t be surpassed.
Electricity crackles between each cloud,
The world grows dark, the thunder loud.

The wind now wails and howls with might,
As trees bend, and sway, so light.
The rain now comes in sheets and waves,
In its fury, it brings forth its slaves.

Hail and sleet, they clatter and pound,
Against the roofs and on the ground.
The storm, an anger, unrelenting and fierce,
Nature’s wrath, born from a sphere.

But within this tempest, there is a sound,
A silence found, in its midst profound.
A pause, a stillness none can explain,
The storm is breathing, then starts again.

And as it rages, then slowly dies,
The chaos winds down, the tempest sighs.
The storm has done its cruellest task,
Yet somehow within, is beauty unsurpassed.

As water-nourished life now awakes,
And skies clear, this storm leaves in its wake.
A world reborn, cleansed and new,
As if the storm had never brewed.

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