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Pollution Poems: Raising Awareness Through Verse

Written in Waste: Poems About the Tragic Beauty of Pollution

Welcome to our collection of poems about pollution! Here at 1LovePoems, we’re not afraid to tackle the tough issues, and pollution is one that affects us all. You’ll find a range of poems on this page, from the serious to the humorous, each one exploring the impact of pollution on our planet and our lives. So, come along for the ride and let’s see what our poets have to say about this dirty, but important topic.

Short Poems

1. “The Suffocating Smog”
Oh the smog, it suffocates
Filling up our cities, choking our fates
The air grows thick, hard to breathe
Pollution’s grasp, hard to leave

2. “Garbage Galore”
Trash piled high, littered streets
Garbage galore, that no one greets
Plastic, cans, and wrappers too
Polluted land, what can we do?

3. “A River Runs Polluted”
Once a clear stream flowed so blue
Now contaminated, a polluted hue
Trash and waste, dumped without care
Our water supply, a nightmare

4. “Lost Beauty”
The landscape once so lush and green
Now destroyed, a dirty scene
Pollution’s mark, etched in stone
Our earth, once beautiful, now unknown.

Medium Poems

The Consequences of our Actions

We pollute the land,
We pollute the sea,
Our actions have consequences,
For both you and me.

Our plastic waste will last,
Longer than we will,
If we don’t change our ways,
The consequences will be ill.

Our air is toxic,
Our skies are gray,
We must take action,
And change our ways today.

Our future depends on it,
Our survival too,
Let’s work together,
To make the world new.

Nature’s Cry

The world is weeping,
Nature is in pain,
Our actions are destroying,
What took years to sustain.

The oceans are dying,
The forests are gone,
We must wake up,
And right our wrongs.

The air is heavy,
The earth is sick,
Let’s listen to nature,
And come up with a fix.

It’s time to act,
It’s time to care,
For nature’s cry,
Is too much to bear.

Let’s work together,
To heal the world,
For only in harmony,
Can life be unfurled.

Long Poems

Mother Earth’s Lament

I am Mother Earth, a generous dame
Nurturing life, but you treat me with shame
My air is thick with your pollution
You care little for my conservation

My oceans filled with plastics
Killing off creatures, causing tragic
My forests, once filled with green
Now resemble a wasteland, so obscene

You exploit my resources without regard
Cutting down trees, leaving just a shard
The air you breathe is polluted with ease
As you destroy me slowly, without a pleas

You burn fossil fuels, with no end
Creating acid rain, my oceans you offend
You dump chemicals, contaminating my soil
Killing off crops, causing turmoil

I try to breathe life, but you suffocate
Ignoring my cries, as you devastate
My animals trapped, in your toxic flow
Dying slowly, a painful death that I bestow

I beg of you to hear my plea
To save me from your needless spree
Protect me, allow me to thrive
To ensure life for generations to arrive

We can make a change, if we care to see
To stop the harm, and set Mother Earth free
The time has come, to reverse our deeds
To restore my beauty, and make earth a place of peace.

The Plight of Our Planet

The oceans were once pristine and blue
But now, they’re stained with oil and goo
Garbage floats on every tide
A deadly cocktail of pollution inside

The air we breathe is thick and foul
Toxins in every breath we inhale
Smokestacks belching out their waste
Our lungs can’t keep up with the pace

The fields we roam were once so green
Now, chemical runoff is all that’s seen
Pesticides and fertilizers seeping deep
Killing life in the soil that’s supposed to keep

Our wildlife suffers in this man-made hell
Their homes destroyed, their numbers fell
From majestic elephants to tiny bees
All are endangered by toxicities

The cry of nature, a silent plea
To preserve the planet, to set it free
We must act now or face the dire fate
Of a world, destroyed by human hate

Recycling, reducing, and reusing
A simple process to stop our abusing
Politicians and corporations must take heed
To enact change, and prevent our greed

Our planet is precious, it’s our only home
Let’s work together, so we’re not alone
We have the power to heal and restore
The beauty and bounty of Earth once more.

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