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Unrequited Love Poems: Heartbreaking Verses for Love That Is Not Returned

Wounded Hearts: Unrequited Love Poems for the Hopelessly Devoted

Welcome to our collection of unrequited love poems! We know the sting of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way, so we’ve curated a range of poems to express those emotions. From heart-wrenching to bitter-sweet, our selection has it all. So grab a box of tissues and prepare to dive into the world of unrequited love – at least you’ll have some great poetry to keep you company!

Short Poems

1. “One-Sided Love”
A heart full of love,
But all for one who can’t return.
Silent tears fall down.

2. “Foolish Hope”
Each time I see you,
My heart flickers with hope.
But you keep passing by.

3. “Yearning”
My heart aches for you,
Wishing for your love in mine.
But you remain out of reach.

4. “Love’s Illusion”
Dreams of love so sweet,
But reality is so bleak.
Alone with my thoughts.

Medium Poems

Longing Heart

My heart beats with a longing ache
For the love that I cannot make
My eyes search for your gentle gaze
But you seem to be lost in a daze

I dream of you, day and night
Hoping someday you’ll hold me tight
But my love remains unrequited
My heart’s desires, never ignited

I try to move on, let go of my hope
But my heart refuses to let me cope
So, I’ll keep loving you from afar
My unrequited love, like a shining star

Invisible Love

My love for you is so pure and true
But you seem to never have a clue
I pour out my heart in every way
But your eyes never meet mine, they just stray

You go on about your life so unaware
That my heart for you, is drowning in despair
I wish you could see me as more than a friend
But my love for you, seems to have no end

I am invisible in your eyes
My love for you, it forever dies
But even though you don’t love me back
My love for you, will never lack

Long Poems

Love Beyond Reach

I loved him from afar, my heart ached with longing,
His smile, his touch, oh how I wished to experience,
But alas, my love remained unrequited,
A one-sided affection, a dream chased in vain,
A love beyond my grasp, beyond my reach.

I watched him from the shadows,
Admiring his every move, his every sound,
A silent spectator to his happiness,
While I sat in the darkness, with nothing but sadness.
My heart yearned for him, it bled with love,
But he never looked beyond the surface,
He never saw the one who loved him in bulk.

I longed for his touch, his warmth,
His embrace, his passion, his love,
But he belonged to another,
And my love, my care, my devotion,
All remained unnoticed, all remained unrequited.

I tried to escape this abyss, this feeling of emptiness,
But my love for him refused to let me go,
It consumed me, it possessed me,
A fire that burned in the depths of my soul.
I prayed for a chance, for a moment with him,
A glimmer of hope, to feel his touch,
But my love was destined to be unrequited.

Today, I sit in solitude,
My heart heavy, my soul weary,
And though my love remains unfulfilled,
I still cherish the moments when I watched him from afar.
For in those moments, I found solace,
I found peace in loving someone beyond my reach.
My love, my affection, my devotion,
All belong to him, even if unrequited.

The One I Long For

In dreams I hold you close,
But when I wake, you’re far away.
My heart aching with the longing
For the love that will not stay.

I try to hide my feelings,
To keep them buried deep.
But they surface in moments
When I cannot help but weep.

I see you in the distance,
Talking with another girl.
My heart cannot help but break,
As you set my hopes awhirl.

I know it’s not your fault,
You didn’t choose to be the one.
But my heart cannot stop yearning,
For a love that cannot be undone.

You may not see me in that light,
And that’s okay, I understand.
But it doesn’t make the pain subside,
As I long for your gentle hand.

I wish that I could tell you,
How much you mean to me.
But what if it changes everything?
What if it’s not meant to be?

So I’ll keep these feelings to myself,
And hope that someday you’ll know.
That the love I have inside my heart
Is real and it will always grow.

For even if my love goes unrequited,
It will never truly die.
For in my heart you’ll always be,
The one I long for until I die.

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