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The Art of Kissing: A Collection of Love Poems

Embrace the Power of Love with Our Collection of Heartfelt Kiss Poems

Welcome to 1LovePoems, the home of some of the most romantic and heartwarming poems on the internet!

Today, we’re featuring a range of poems centered around one of the most iconic symbols of love – the kiss. From sweet and innocent first kisses to fiery, passionate embraces, these poems will take you on a journey through the many different forms of this beloved gesture.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, starting a new romance, or simply cherishing the memories of past kisses, you’re sure to find a poem that speaks to your heart. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be swept away by the power of the kiss!

Short Poems

1. “First Kiss”

Soft lips meet
Electricity sparks
Heart skips a beat
Love begins its arc

2. “Stolen Kiss”

Hidden in the shadows
A kiss stolen in the night
Passion that overflows
Everything else feels right

3. “Last Kiss”

Tears mix with the kiss
A final goodbye
Pain, but also bliss
As we say our last goodbyes

4. “Unexpected Kiss”

Out of nowhere, a surprise
A kiss that takes my breath away
Unexpected, but in that moment, wise
As we both give in and sway

Medium Poems

Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in time, our lips once met
In a moment that I can’t forget
A kiss that sent my heart ablaze
And set my soul on a sweet craze

The world around us disappeared
As we held each other near
Our bodies entwined in a timeless embrace
Lost in a moment we couldn’t replace

But like all moments, it eventually passed
Leaving us with memories that will last
Now I wonder if you ever think of me
Or if our moment was just a fleeting memory

Somewhere in time, our lips once met
And I’ll forever cherish that moment we spent

The First Kiss

The first time our lips touched
I felt a rush, I felt so much
Like fireworks exploding in my heart
A feeling that would never depart

The first time our eyes locked
I felt like nothing else mattered, nothing shocked
I couldn’t believe how right it felt
As if we were meant to kiss, that one moment we dwelt

Years have passed since that first kiss
But I still remember it like it’s a bliss
The way your lips felt against mine
Is something truly divine

The first kiss, an unforgettable moment
A memory that will never be dormant.

Long Poems

The Art of Kissing

Kissing is an art, like painting or music,
It’s the language of love that’s so terrific,
It’s the expression of feelings that words can’t describe,
It’s the warmth and the tenderness that we all desire.

When two lips meet, and the world disappears,
It’s the magic of love that erases all fears,
It’s the moment of passion that ignites the fire,
The beat of our heart is the only choir.

It’s the touch of the hands, and the warmth of the skin,
It’s the whisper of love that brings us within,
It’s the melting of two souls in a single kiss,
It’s the sweetness of love that we don’t want to miss.

Each kiss is unique, like a fingerprint on the soul,
It’s the promise of more, of a love that’s whole,
It’s the beginning of a journey that leads to the heart,
It’s the bond that’s so strong, that it cannot be torn apart.

The art of kissing is a masterpiece,
It’s the emotion of love, shown with ease,
It’s the connection of two people, intertwined,
It’s the love that’s so pure, that we can’t define.

So, let us kiss, and let us love,
With all our passion, and all our heart,
For the art of kissing is the art of life,
The art of love, a masterpiece in sight.

The Kiss Poems

Kiss me softly, like a whisper on my skin
Let the tenderness of your lips begin
To ignite a fire that burns so deep
A passion that we can no longer keep

Kiss me like the sun sets over the sea
Soft and gentle, and wild and free
Like the first snowflakes of winter’s embrace
Dancing on our cheeks, leaving their trace

Kiss me in the morning, when the world awakes
When the dewdrops cling to the green grass blades
Let the dawn break over our bodies entwined
A moment frozen in time that we’ll keep in our minds

Kiss me in the afternoon, under the sun’s warm glow
As we bask in the afterglow of what we know
Our love will burn bright, like the midday sun
A love that will last when the day is done

Kiss me in the evening, as the stars take flight
In the glow of the moon’s soft light
Wrap your arms around me, hold me tight
And let our love shine like a beacon of light

Kiss me in the silence of the night
As the world outside fades out of sight
Let the passion between us ignite
And take us to a place of pure delight

Kiss me, oh, kiss me, with all your might
Let our love take flight and never lose its sight
For in each other’s arms we find a home
A place where we’re never alone

So kiss me darling, every single day
For in your embrace my heart will stay
Forever and always, our love will be true
And in each other’s kiss, we find our refuge anew.

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