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Silly Love Poems: Laugh and Love with Hilarious Poetry

Laugh out loud with these light-hearted silly love poems that will make your heart skip a beat!

Welcome to 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find an exciting collection of love poems that range from heartrending to absurdly silly. If you’re looking for a dose of romance, we’ve got you covered with our heartfelt verses. And if you’re in the mood for some humor, we’ve got just the thing to tickle your funny bone. So come on in and enjoy our range of silly love poems – we promise they’ll keep you grinning from ear to ear!

Short Poems

1. “Love is Like a Cupcake”
Love is like a cupcake,
Sweet and delicious,
I savor every bite,
With you, my heart feels ambitious.

2. “I’m a Goner”
Every time you walk my way,
I’m a goner, I have to say,
My heart skips a beat,
You’re the only one I want to meet.

3. “My Love is a Cactus”
My love is like a cactus,
Tough on the outside, but soft within,
It may prick you at times,
But my love will always win.

4. “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue”
Roses are red, violets are blue,
I’ve fallen madly in love with you,
My heart beats faster with every thought,
Forever and always, you’re all I’ve sought.

Medium Poems

Love is a Zoo
Love is a zoo,
Full of wild things to see.
It’s a monkey swinging from tree to tree,
And a lion roaring with glee.

Love is a zoo,
Where the animals run free.
It’s a snake slithering in the grass,
And a koala up a tree.

Love is a zoo,
A place to explore and enjoy.
With each new creature that we see,
Our hearts fill with unending joy.

My Heart is a Garden
My heart is a garden,
Full of beautiful flowers.
Each petal a different color,
Each one cutting like a blade.

My heart is a garden,
A place where love can grow.
Where the sun shines down on us,
And the breezes softly blow.

My heart is a garden,
Where we can laugh and play.
And no matter how long the winter lasts,
The flowers will bloom again someday.

Cupid’s Arrow
Cupid’s arrow has struck me,
And I feel it in my heart.
The love that once eluded me,
Has now come and never will we part.

Cupid’s arrow has hit us,
And it’s a feeling so sweet.
Our hearts are now entwined,
Together we will never be beat.

Cupid’s arrow has found us,
And has brought us together.
Our love will never falter,
We will be together forever.

Long Poems

A Hodgepodge of Silly Love

Love is like a fluffy cloud,
Soaring up high with grace untold.
It’s like a breeze that blows so mild,
Whispering secrets, making us wild.

My heart flutters each time you smile,
Your eyes so bright, they reach a mile.
I hear music in every word you say,
It’s like heaven sent an angel my way.

Love is like a cupcake so sweet,
It’s like a flower that’s hard to beat.
It’s like sunshine on a rainy day,
It’s like a rainbow in every way.

Your touch is like a feather so light,
It sends shivers down my spine with delight.
I feel like a bird flying in the sky,
Soaring high, never wanting to say bye.

Love is like a silly dance,
It makes us giggle, laugh, and prance.
It’s like a game we play with glee,
Together forever, you and me.

Your kiss is like a piece of candy so yummy,
Sweet and irresistible, it makes my heart flutter like a bumblebee’s tummy.
I’m addicted to you, my love,
I can’t go a day without you, that’s the truth.

Love is like a teddy bear so huggable,
It’s like a cozy blanket, so snuggable.
It’s like a storybook, with a happy ending,
It’s like a fairy tale, with love never-ending.

You are my love, my sunshine, my everything,
My life would be so dull without you, it would be nothing.
I’ll love you forever, that’s what I vow,
My silly love for you, I’ll never disavow.

Love is like you and me, so perfect,
It’s like a painting, so correct.
It’s like a symphony, so harmonious,
It’s like a poem, so melodious.

My heart is yours, my love,
Forever and ever, no matter what may come.
You are the one, the only one,
My silly love for you will stay, till time is done.

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