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Short Love Poems

God Is Our Shepherd, My Love

Love is a blessing, an answered prayer. Was there a time you prayed to meet the person who chooses to stay along with the difficulties and happiness?

When you close your eyes at night, you hope and pray that tomorrow you see that smile that touches your heart and soul?

Let your faith lead your way to him, to guide you on the right path where you’ll meet. Pray to God for the patience and strength to love that one special person with all that you are.

Believe in love for it is true. Read our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems to keep the inspiration flowing into your soul.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

Fly beyond the skies with me,
Our Fantasy of Love to be;
never-ending, hearts ascending,
therapeutic remedy
flying high and free.
Over clouds, over the sea,
sailing to Heaven above,
in the springtime,
beautiful ringtime,
we will fly on wings of a dove,
God is our shepherd –
this is our song!
God is our Shepherd, my Love.

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