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Embrace Yourself: Inspiring Self Love Poems

Embrace Your Inner Beauty with Self Love Poems

Welcome to our page dedicated to self love poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we believe that love begins with the self. So, why not celebrate it with some poetry? From odes to self acceptance to sonnets on self forgiveness, you’ll find a variety of poetic expressions of the same sentiment – self love. So go ahead, indulge in some self care and read through our collection of self love poems. Remember, you are worth loving!

Short Poems


I am not perfect,
and that’s okay.
I accept myself
just the way I am today.

Strength Within

Deep within my soul
lies a strength untold.
It guides me through
the toughest of struggles, bold.

Embracing Imperfections

My flaws and imperfections
make me unique and whole.
I embrace them with love
for they add to my soul.


I love myself
deeply and completely.
I am deserving
of love and kindness sweetly.

Medium Poems

Embrace Yourself
Embrace your curves,
Your unique features and quirks.
Love your flaws and scars,
You’re one-of-a-kind, no need for bars.
Hold yourself tightly,
And everything will unfold rightly.

Shower Yourself with Love
Let your love rain down,
Like a shower from above.
Nurture yourself with care,
And love yourself unconditionally, fair and square.
You are enough just as you are,
A magnificent and valuable star.

Breathe in Self-Love
Take a deep breath,
And exhale slowly, no need to fret.
Allow the peace to wash over,
And just let self-love take over.
You are a magical being,
And your light is forever gleaming.

Long Poems

Embracing Myself

I am not always easy to love,
With my flaws and imperfections
My past mistakes and regrets
But I choose to embrace myself

I may not have the perfect body
But I am grateful for my health and strength
I have scars and stretch marks
But they tell my story and my journey

I have made mistakes in the past
But they have shaped me and taught me
I choose to forgive myself and move forward
With a heart full of compassion and understanding

I have been hurt and let down before
But I choose to heal and let go of the pain
I forgive those who have hurt me
And I choose to love and accept myself

I am learning to love myself
And all that makes me unique
I am worthy of love and respect
And I am enough just as I am

I am embracing myself
With all my quirks and flaws
I am my own best friend and ally
And I will always love and cherish myself

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