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Express Your Love with Amour: Heart-Warming Poems on 1LovePoems

Love’s Eternal Embrace: Poems of Passion and Devotion

Welcome to the love haven of 1LovePoems! Our page is dedicated to all things amour, where you’ll find a plethora of poems that explore the highs, lows, and everything in between of this powerfully transformative emotion. From sappy sonnets to cheeky haikus, we’ve got you covered with a range of poems that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. So whether you’re nursing a broken heart or head over heels in love, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and indulge in our collection of love poetry.

Short Poems

1. “Endless Love”
Endless love, we share
Your heart in mine, forever
Together we’ll thrive

2. “Winter’s Serenade”
Winter’s serenade
Frosty breath and falling snow
Love’s warmth still prevails

3. “Blissful Moments”
Blissful moments shared
Laughter, smiles, and sweet kisses
Cherished memories

4. “Heartfelt Promises”
Heartfelt promises
Whispers soft, forevermore
Love’s eternal bond.

Medium Poems


In this moment, I am complete
With you, my heart skips a beat
I shiver, I tremble, I gasp for air
But I know that with you, I’m safe and aware

Every touch, every kiss, every gaze
I feel it all, in this love daze
My heart, my body, my soul
Is yours, forevermore

We dance in the moonlight, hand in hand
Our love, like the sand
Filling in the gaps, creating art
Together, we’ll never be apart

With you, I am home
In your arms, I’ll always roam
So come take my hand, let’s explore
Our love, forevermore


My heart aches, as I stare into your eyes
I long for your touch, your affection, your lies
But you don’t see me, I’m invisible
In your world, I’m inadmissible

I watch you from afar, day and night
Hoping for a moment, you’ll take flight
Into my arms, into my dreams
But reality rips at the seams

I am but a shadow, a mere afterthought
In your life, I am a bruise, a knot
But in my heart, in my soul
You are my unrequited goal

So I’ll keep watching, from the sidelines
My love, like a ribbon, slowly unwinds
I’ll never give up, though it hurts
Because loving you, is a blessing and a curse

Falling in Love

It’s that little spark, that turns into a flame
The moment our eyes meet, nothing’s the same
My heart races, my stomach twists
I can’t help it, my cheeks, they’re kissed

I’m falling in love, with every breath
In your arms, I feel safe, I feel blessed
The world outside fades away
All that’s left is us, our love, our play

Together, we are unstoppable
Our love, like a river, is untoppable
We laugh, we cry, we bask in each other’s glow
Falling in love, is all we know

So let’s take this journey, hand in hand
No fear, no doubt, no reprimand
Just us, in this together
Falling in love, forever and ever.

Long Poems

Love’s Journey

In the beginning, love was but a whisper,
A gentle breeze that softly kissed my cheek.
It was a hint of warmth in winter’s frost,
And a ray of light in darkness bleak.

As time went on, love grew stronger still,
A mighty river coursing through my soul.
It carried me to distant lands unexplored,
And made me feel whole.

Love sang to me in sweet melodies,
And danced with me beneath the moon.
It wrapped me in its loving embrace,
And promised to be with me soon.

Together we climbed the highest peaks,
And plunged to the depths of the sea.
We laughed, we cried, we fought and made up,
And vowed to be free.

With love by my side, I fear no storm,
No darkness, pain, or strife.
It is the compass that guides my way,
And the light that illuminates my life.

But love is not always smooth sailing,
There are rocks and shoals along the way.
Yet, with love as our navigator,
We can face any challenge come what may.

Through thick and thin, we journey on,
Along life’s winding road.
With love as our constant companion,
Our love will only grow.

And so, my love, I take your hand,
And pledge my heart and soul.
Together we shall make love’s journey,
Till our hearts become whole.

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