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Longing for the Unattainable: Poems About Wanting Someone You Can’t Have

Longing for the Unattainable: Poems about Wanting Someone You Can’t Have

Welcome to our collection of poems about wanting someone you can’t have! We all know the feeling – that all-consuming desire for someone who just seems out of reach. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our page is filled with a range of poems that capture the complex emotions that come with longing for someone who is off-limits. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our slightly witty take on this all too relatable topic.

Short Poems

1. “Forbidden Longings”

My heart aches with desire,
For you, I can’t deny.
But fate has a cruel hand,
And keeps us far apart.

2. “Unrequited Love”

I yearn for your embrace,
But you don’t seem to care.
My love is left unrequited,
Leaving me in despair.

3. “The One That Got Away”

You were the one I wanted,
But I let you slip away.
Now I am left with regret,
And my heart in disarray.

4. “Impossible Dream”

I dream of holding you close,
But it can never be.
My heart filled with sorrow,
For the love I’ll never see.

Medium Poems

1. Unrequited
I long for you in a way
That can never come to fruition
For fate has dealt a cruel play
And my heart lies in submission

I see you smile and my heart races
But you can’t see me the same way
I try to hide it, but it leaves traces
Of a love that won’t stay at bay

I know I can never have you
But it doesn’t stop me from trying
For the heart wants what it wants, it’s true
Even if it leads to constant crying

So I’ll watch you from afar
And cherish the moments we share
Even if they can never go far
For my love, you can never be aware.

2. Forbidden Fruit
You are the apple of my eye
But you’re also the forbidden fruit
For our love, society will apply
A label that’s deemed uncouth

I know I can never call you mine
For others have claimed your heart
But I can’t help but pine
For a love that’s been torn apart

Your smile, your laugh, your touch
Haunt me every single day
But loving you too much
Is what keeps me at bay

So I’ll admire you from afar
A love that can never be
For we live in a world bizarre
Where love isn’t always free.

3. Incomplete
I thought I had it all
Until I saw your face
And now I feel so small
Yearning for your embrace

You make me feel alive
In a way I never thought before
But fate has decided to deprive
Me of a love to adore

I know I can’t have you
And it hurts me to say
That there’s nothing I can do
To make you feel the same way

So I’ll savor our moments together
And hold onto them tight
Even if they’re all I’ll remember
Of a love that couldn’t take flight.

Long Poems

Unrequited Longing

I pine for you, my heartstrings ache,
But you are not for me to take.
I yearn to touch, to feel your kiss,
But you belong to another, I must dismiss.

Your smile, so bright, it weakens my knees,
The sound of your voice, a sweet breeze.
I can’t help but dream of you each night,
Wishing and wanting, but it’s not right.

I keep this love buried deep inside,
In the darkness where it must reside.
For you are a precious gem, out of reach,
My heart skips a beat, as I try not to breach.

To be with you would be sheer bliss,
But it’s a fantasy I have to dismiss.
I treasure the moments we share,
But they are fleeting, and rare.

I watch you from afar, admiring your grace,
As you simply light up every space.
I try to keep this love hidden away,
A feeling I can’t show or obey.

The pain of longing for what can’t be,
Is a burden that weighs heavily on me.
If only you could see me as I see you,
And the love I have for you that’s true.

But alas, I must resign to fate,
And watch you from a distance as I wait.
Perhaps you’ll come to see me one day,
And all the words I’ve held back, I’ll say.

But until then, I’ll quietly swoon,
For the love I have for you, I’ll impugn.
So, I’ll hold my head up high,
And love you silently, as time goes by.

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