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Unrequited Love: Poems About Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Unrequited Love: Poems for When They Don’t Feel the Same

Welcome to our page featuring poems about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Yes, we know it’s a painful and all-too-common experience, but hey, at least we’ve got some great poems to commiserate with. From heart-wrenching to slightly sarcastic, we’ve got a range of poems to make you feel heard and understood. So grab some tissues and dive in.

Short Poems

1. “One-Sided Love”
I love you with all my heart
But you don’t seem to notice me
My love for you is a work of art
But you don’t want to see

2. “Unrequited Love”
My heart aches with every beat
For you, my love, who doesn’t see
My affection is bittersweet
For I love you unconditionally

3. “Love Unreturned”
I pour my love into a bottomless pit
For you, my love, who doesn’t care a bit
My heart is shattered, but I won’t quit
For loving you is worth every hardship

4. “Futile Love”
My love for you is strong and pure
But you don’t feel the same for sure
I know it’s time to let it go
But how do I mend my heart’s hollow?

Medium Poems

Unrequited Love

My heart beats for you every day,
But to you I’m just a passing face,
You don’t know the depth of my love,
As you move on with your life, out of my reach, above.

I wish you could see me as I see you,
How my heart sings when I’m near you,
But I know it’s just a dream I chase,
And that you’ll never return my embrace.

I’ll keep loving you from a distance,
And treasure every moment of your existence,
But deep down I know it’s all in vain,
And that I’ll always love you in pain.


I thought you were my happily ever after,
But you left me with a shattered heart and laughter,
All the promises that you made,
Were just sweet words to keep me swayed.

I gave you my all, my soul, my heart,
But you chose to tear them apart,
I loved you with every breath I took,
But you left me broken and mistook.

Every night I cry myself to sleep,
Thinking of the love I couldn’t keep,
My heart still beats for you every day,
Even though you’re long gone, far away.

But one day, I’ll find the strength to rise,
And move on with grace, to new skies,
I’ll love again, but more cautiously,
And pray that my heart won’t be broken, so mercilessly.

Long Poems

Unrequited Love

I loved you more than words could say,
But you never felt the same way.
My heart ached at your slightest glance,
But you were too busy in your trance.

I thought I saw a spark in your eye,
But it was just a fleeting lie.
Your indifference hurt me to the core,
But I still kept coming back for more.

I tried to move on and forget,
But my heart was firmly set.
I dreamed of you every night,
And longed for the day you’d hold me tight.

But you remained oblivious,
Ignoring my love and my fuss.
It pained me to see you with someone else,
But I knew I had to deal with this myself.

So I’ll cherish the memories we shared,
And know that it’s just not fair.
To love someone who doesn’t love you,
Is a hardship that one must endure.

I’ll carry on and find love anew,
But a part of me will always love you.
And though we may never be,
I’ll always feel that tug at my heart, so bittersweet.

Love Unrequited

I love you, though you don’t love me back,
My heart still beats for you in every track.
It’s a constant ache, this love I hold,
A burden, a curse, that never grows old.

I watch you from afar, admiring your grace,
As you smile and laugh, a beautiful face.
My heart skips a beat, every time you’re near,
But you never notice, no, not even a mere.

I’ve tried to move on, to find someone new,
But no matter who I meet, it’s always still you.
In my mind, I know it’s hopeless, a futile game,
But my heart won’t let go, it’s always the same.

I dream of the day when you’ll see me,
And love me the way that I love thee.
But until then, I must bear this pain,
This love unrequited, that drives me insane.

So I’ll continue to hold onto this thread,
Of hope that one day, you’ll love me instead.
But until then, I’ll watch you from afar,
Holding onto this love, that’s left me with a scar.

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