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Missing You Poems – Heartwarming Words to Express Your Longing

Longing for you: Poems that express the pain of missing someone dearly.

Welcome to our page dedicated to “Missing You” poems – where we know exactly how you feel when your heart longs for that special someone who is far away. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or simply missing someone who has moved away, we’ve got you covered with a range of heart-warming, witty and sentimental poems. Time to let your emotions flow and find solace in poetic words – so grab some tissues and read on!

Short Poems

1. “Heart’s Ache”
Missing you feels like a knife in my heart
Memories of us, tearing me apart
Wishing you were here, in my embrace
Living without you, an unbearable space

2. “Lonely Nights”
Lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling
Dreaming about you, with this feeling
Missing your voice, your touch, your smile
In my thoughts, you stay for a while

3. “Longing”
My heart beats with a longing so raw
To see you again, and take away the flaw
Distance just a number, but it hurts so bad
Missing you only makes me feel sad

4. “Far Away”
Across the miles, I think of you
Wondering if you miss me too
My heart aches, can we be together?
Missing you always, and love forever.

Medium Poems


Distance between us only grows
With each passing day, it seems
And as I lie in bed alone
I’m lost in endless dreams

Of you and all the things we shared
The laughter and the tears
But now it seems like ages past
Since you were ever near

I close my eyes and picture you
Your smile, your touch, your voice
But all I see is darkness now
And I’m left with little choice

But to let you go and move on
Though it’s hard, I know it’s right
For distance may have torn us apart
But memories keep us close at night


Longing for the days we knew
When we were young and free
And life was just a game to play
Together, you and me

Back then we had no worries
No cares or fears, it seemed
But now as life gets harder
I’m left with just a dream

Of being in your arms again
Of feeling your heart beat
And knowing that forevermore
We’ll never face defeat

But time has passed us by, my love
And now we must move on
But still I’m left with memories
Of days that now are gone

So here’s to you, my sweetest love
Though we may be apart
You’ll always hold a special place
Deep within my heart.

Long Poems

Tangled in Memories

I am tangled in memories,
Knotted up in your absence,
Trying to unravel the strands,
That pull at my heartstrings.

Every moment we shared,
Is etched in my mind,
Playing on repeat,
Like a broken tape rewound.

The laughter, the tears,
The whispered promises made,
All now just echoes,
In this empty space you left.

The scent of your perfume,
Lingers on my pillow,
A haunting reminder,
Of the love that we once had.

I ache for your touch,
Your warmth next to me,
But all I have now,
Are the cold, empty sheets.

I try to move on,
To forget all that we had,
But the memories hold me captive,
In this tangled, twisted web.

So I sit here in silence,
Amidst the shambles of my heart,
Wondering if I’ll ever be able,
To untangle the mess we’ve made.

For you still hold a piece of me,
One that I cannot release,
And until I finally free myself,
I’ll be forever tangled in these memories.

Missing You

In the morning when I wake,
The first thought that lingers is you,
As I stretch my arms and reach for you,
But you aren’t there, it’s just the empty space.

I miss the way you used to hold me,
The way you whispered in my ear,
And how you made everything okay,
Even when the world was unfair.

I miss the sound of your laughter,
And the way your eyes would light up in delight,
I miss the way you took my hand,
And danced with me under the moonlight.

I miss the way we used to talk for hours,
About everything and nothing at all,
And how your smile could brighten up my day,
Even when I was feeling small.

I never realized how much I needed you,
Until the day you were gone,
And now my heart is achingly empty,
As I try to carry on.

I try to fill the void with memories,
Of the moments we shared and the love we knew,
But nothing can replace the feeling,
Of being held close and loved by you.

I know that time will help me heal,
And that one day I’ll be okay,
But until then, I’ll keep missing you,
And pray for strength to make it through each day.

So if you’re listening up there,
Know that you’re never far from my thoughts,
And that you’ll always hold a special place,
In the corners of my heart.

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